Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23

Hello All!!!

Well, we made it safely back to Germany today - what a tiring trip. We are all exhausted (so excuse my post today if it doesn't make any sense!!). The flight to Paris from Detroit was really smooth (not like the turbulence I had flying to Ohio). Our luggage was checked all the way to Frankfort - so that was great that we didn't have to claim that in Paris (and it all made it to Frankfort) - although we won't be unpacking any of it until tomorrow. It was very nice to get out and stretch our legs in Paris at the airport (and we had a pretty good hike going from the terminal we landed in to the next one for Frankfort). Brenna slept about 4 hours on the flight from Detroit to Paris and has fallen to sleep on and off as we have traveled today since then. She still won't use any potties when we are out of the house (this started about 2 weeks ago in the US) - I hope this fear doesn't last too long and she is out of it before Christmas. She held her pee until we were on the final train home (at least 9 hours) - I can't believe how long she can keep her pee in! We put a pull-up on her in Frankfort - I had hoped she might use the potty instead - but no luck! She has used the potty twice here at home and she didn't have any big accidents when we were home (just 2 little ones - just little drops in the underware - none on her outside pants - and dry all the nights we were in the US). We took the train from Frankfort to Baden-Baden. All went pretty well there - although I'm sure Dustin wishes I would learn to pack lighter - maybe someday - we can all dream!! So we really had a day full of planes, trains, and automobiles - how often can one say that, lol!!

We picked up Justice on our way home - he seemed really glad to see us. I hope to get trip pictures of my project pictures up tomorrow - I'm not looking at anything on the cameras tonight!! I thought about taking an exhausted look picture of us today - the travel weary crew that we are, but I'm too exhausted for that!

Take Care!