Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26

We all missed Justice for the last month being in the US (I think Brenna missed him the most - but I did miss him too - I'm glad that the last time we will have to leave him for a long time in Christmas). Justice is following Brenna and I around very closely - I don't think he will let us leave him anytime soon. He does have a hot spot that we will need to get resolved - it does seem that he is only getting the hot spots with his anxiety (he has only had them when we were back in the US both times). Debbie - we miss you - can't wait until we are back in the US so that he can stay where he is well loved again! We were outside with bubbles yesterday (Rusty - she really loves her new bubble machine - I made some video for you too - I will try to get it to you soon! She also got a chance to play with her new princess cards this morning - I made a carrier for them - see picture below). Brenna with some of her bubbles yesterday. She was moving so much it was hard to get a picture of her with lots of bubbles!

Brenna with her new purse and dress - she was such the little model (she is not wanting to have her picture done this morning though!)

Below are all my project pictures from my trip back to the US. There are only a couple projects missing - a skirt that I made - I can't believe that we didn't have any pictures of it and I didn't want to take a picture of how wrinkled it was this morning and a couple baby blankets I made for friends!! Mom - thank you for all your help with these projects - it was lots of fun working together with you on these (I never thought as I teenager that I would want to do sewing projects like these - thank you so much for teaching me how to do these things!!). First up is the dress that Brenna wore for our family pictures - the pink is a ribbon that was tied around - the dress didn't actually have any color to it. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures (Jill thanks for putting your pictures up on shutterfly - I didn't have any pictures of Brenna in her dress with my camera! - I ordered the one of Brenna and Mikayla together in a 4x6 so that we could put it in Brenna's room :-) Luckily it came right before we left so that we could take it back with us :-)
My shirt that I made - I was very happy with how it turned out and the color - love, love the fabric (I can't believe that I only have a few scraps left). Mom - thank you so much for making the amount of fabric I had work - you are the best fabric cutter ever!
A couple card holders I made for Brenna - both boxes ripped - plus these should make it easier for Brenna to get the cards out and put them away. Her princess cards in a pink holder and her Care Bear cards in a blue one :-) Thanks for letting me steal some of your fabric Mom and Renee :-)

Her carrier for her new princess cards from Uncle Rusty - I couldn't believe when we opened the box how much empty space the box had - we had to downsize for our trip back - I think this worked fairly well! It is a pretty similar design as the crayon wallet - only bigger.

Crayon wallet that I made for Mikayla - can you tell she was enjoying it already :-)
I embroidered her name on it twice (once in white and once in black) - the fabric is pretty busy so it is hard to see that!
The apron that I made for Renee - can't wait to see the picture of her using it :-) Renee let me know if you want me to email you this picture so that you can put it on your apron website :-)
Ally with her crayon wallet - she is such a good "cheeser" :-)
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Well, today I have a ton of pictures to post, so probably not alot of things to say, lol!!! I'm putting up all my project pictures from the trip - thank you so much mom for all your help!!
Yesterday, Brenna and I had a pretty busy day - we played with her bubble machine out on the balcony, we painted with her new "paint brushes", we played with her new dolls (M.E. - our dolls fit the shoes you bought - I am missing one shoe - one of the high heeled ones, let me know if it is there :-), read some of her new books (she loves them all!), and we watched a movie (The Bridge to Teribithia - I cried for the last 30 minutes of the movie - Brenna didn't really understand it and I wouldn't say it is really a good movie for her age group with some of the animals in it - I may look for the book though for myself).
Well, I have delayed Brenna on her play time enough!! We are going to play with some of her new cards this morning - she is really loving "discovering" a new toy each day right now (or several as we did yesterday)!
Take Care


heathmamagam said...

Great job on all your sewing projects. Love seeing them on the screen. Yesterday I got interfacing that is 45" wide! I couldn't believe it. Wow, you made lots of neat items...

mikaysmom said...

Love, love all of your projects! I can't believe how many things you were able to complete! I guess I'll have to go raid mom's store too! Missing you like crazy! Love all the great pictures! I'm sure Justice is super happy you're back!