Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25

The top three pictures were taken with my long arm method!! I think they look pretty good - although we all did start to get the giggles at the end! Thanks for sharing your camera pics Renee - they looked so good, I had to post them today! The girls had lots of fun with Brenna riding the bike below - we had a great photo series of them pushing and riding and the falling off - all with lots of giggles and grins!

On Brenna's b-day we went to the Carousel in Mansfield (followed by Chuck-E-Cheese). Can you see how much Brenna loved it? She thought it was pretty neat to ride with Gammy, Papa, and Mommy!
Brenna lined up all the veggies - I just thought it was too funny not to get a silly picture!
The princess falling off her seat above (it was her throne chair) and below in the tents at the zoo with my mom.
More pictures from our travels. We are still working through our time adjustment here - I thought yesterday went well, but we all had trouble sleeping last night and that resulted in Brenna and I way oversleeping today - uh, oh!

Today looks like rain, but I haven't seen any yet since we woke up.

Well, enjoy the pictures and take care!


mikaysmom said...

Ugh, thanks for putting these pics up! I do have to say that it was after a long hot day at the zoo, so my look was not all I wanted it to be! We had so much fun that day and the girls were wound up! I love the pictures we got of them! Princess Brenna will have to work on her balance if she's going to sit on a throne! LOL! Hope you are all getting readjusted quickly-we miss you already!

heathmamagam said...

Love all the family memories, next summer papa needs to capture a shot of Brenna petting her favorite caterpillar. We hope you are getting your body clocks tuned up. Love to all.

DA&B said...

We will have to get a picture with the caterpillars next summer - we painted some today :-) We didn't get Brenna up on the tractor yet either - can't wait to get her up there next summer!