Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 11

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there! We are doing well here and slowly getting time adjusted. We took our first day long road trip here yesterday - went to Medina to get my hair cut and then up to my sewing store in Akron (I actually spent less over all at the sewing stores for the embroidery supplies I needed than I expected :-) Brenna did well, but she does remember the toilets here and is not happy about them. We had some tears with it yesterday - although not necessarily all about the potty - I am trying all kinds of bribes with it. Lucky for us yesterday, the person at the drive thru at BK took pity on us and gave us a free toy even though we had not ordered a kid's meal :-) (thank you for your kindness - it made Brenna's day - and in a Sponge Bob bag.)

On Wednesday, we went and had a pottery day - Brenna loved getting to do whatever she wanted on the pottery (and it took everything I had not to put more paint on them, lol). She was a little disappointed not to get to bring them home with us, but a cookie made it all better and by the time we left, she wasn't even really thinking about it. It was very windy here yesterday and the day before - I nearly lost my hat on Wednesday (hmm - more of the crazy lady chasing stuff rolling down the street, this time my favorite hat and with my daughter in my arms - I'm sensing a pattern here, lol). Can't wait to see the final products on those.

Well, I think that is some of our highlights lately. Brenna is enjoying her time here and looking forward to seeing all of her family while we are here (although she is missing daddy, but she is aware that he is missing her too).

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Okay, picturing you chasing your hat with Brenna in your arms is just too funny! I'm sensing the same pattern here too! Can't wait to see the pottery and your new fabric. Let's plan a road trip to Sew to Speak while you are here if possible (or if you want to, I know that you will be so tired of all of your driving around OHIO). Glad that you are getting time adjusted. I'm sure Mikayla is dying to see Brenna too, it's nice for them to have a chance to play together again!