Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monday, December 21

Hello All!!!!

We are keeping busy, busy, busy here :-) (so busy in fact that I started this post on Saturday and am hoping that I can actually finish it and get it posted today!). I am behind on posting a birthday wish - Happy belated birthday to Dustin's Grandma Carpenter - it was great seeing you on Saturday! Brenna loves the balloons you gave her to bring home (although I think she may be a little confused on who's party it was now since she got the balloons, lol!).

Last week we went up to my old workplace - it was great seeing everyone! I can't believe how shy Brenna was while we were there - she was so much energy the rest of the day (although who can blame her since our next stop had another 3 year old to play with). Traci and Annie - thank again for bring Dani in - she is such a cutie! After our stop in Ashland, we drove over to see our friend Joy and Kora. Brenna loved visiting there and Joy had wonderful food for us and a great activity for the 3 year olds :-) Joy - you are the best at coming up with great activities for kids - I am going to have to get more ideas from you when we are back in Germany :-) Thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas gifts too - we love them! Brenna had a chance to decorate a "cake" (it was perfect for Brenna - only icing and other decorations!) - we even had a chance to use it as a birthday cake for our new friend Charlie :-) (sorry, you will have to wait on pictures - I am behind even looking at anything we have taken so far). On Friday, we joined Dustin's mom for exercise class at her workplace - Brenna was very shy during class, but after when M.E. let her paint and then there was candy to be found she was her normal self, lol!

On Saturday, we went to Dustin's Grandma's birthday party - I forgot my camera, so I'm really hoping that everyone else that took pictures will share some soon ;0) Yesterday, M.E. and I went shopping without Brenna - thanks to Papa for holding down the fort here at home!

Brenna is really looking forward to Daddy coming - thank goodness he flies in on Wednesday!

Well, I think that covers some highlights. We are going to do some baking today and maybe venture out to the store for some last Christmas gifts at some point.

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Enjoying hearing about all of your fun times, but realizing non are with me!! boo hoo! just kidding, I'm starting to sound like the whiney sister! i just miss you guys! Hope we get to spend some time together and get the girls together soon! See you tomorrow hopefully! Love ya!

The Bean's said...

it was great seeing you... we had a great time... but I am happy to hear brenna is having a good time in the states... I am sure her smile is missed by lots of people... hope you had a great Christmas...