Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 13

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! We have been keeping busy here. We painted wooden yo-yo's and wooden eggs yesterday. Brenna loves anything that she can just free paint on - she has a nice color mix on hers :-) I made a ladybug yo-yo - can't wait to see how it looks finished :-) I also started what will be a Santa egg- he may take some work, lol!!!

I also have started some other projects with fabric that was here at my mom's (o.k., not all of it was here - I have a fabric problem - but I am using the fabric!!!). Of course, I have spoiled Brenna enough that when she sees that I have something new that I made, she wants to know where hers is! Brenna wanted to know where her "scarf" was last night when I was trying on my skirts (she actually meant skirt - when I asked if she would like one, she said yes, a pink one! (None of my colors that I have made are pink though, lol - I may make her a matching one to mine - uh, oh!!).

Well, I think that covers some of our highlights!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Too bad no pictures, I'm sure that you are having a blast painting and creating! Can't wait to hear more and see all of your creations. I need to know the secret to getting these things done while the kiddo is awake. By the time she goes to sleep, I'm too tired to do anything! So Brenna wants a pink skirt? I think I could probably come thru on that as Aunt Naynay has some bright pink fleece? just a thought! miss you, too bad I have to work so much while you are here! BTW, need to talk to you about christmas and presents, just to get your ideas.

Love you!