Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, December 29

Just a few pictures from Christmas to share. I love the picture above of our family - especially the Little Mermaid costume on Brenna with the yellow lei (funny - this lei was in the pictures I took last year only it was on Alexis then, lol!!). How funny is the picture below??? It just makes me smile and laugh - thanks for participating with Brenna, Grandma and Uncle Steven!

I thought this picture of Dustin and I was pretty good for an arm shot - I will have to make a book of these soon (I have probably enough to fill 2 books by now!)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! We have had a great time with Christmas here (and been keeping very busy too!).
Dustin had a smooth flight in on the 23rd. He even was upgraded this time! We are so glad to all be back together just in time for Christmas. On the 24th, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve service where Dustin's Grandma participated in the choir. Brenna did pretty well and really enjoyed playing with Katie during the service. After church, we came back and put out our cookies and milk for Santa (and then off to bed for Brenna). When we woke up in the morning, we all had wonderful gifts from Santa. Santa brought a really cute Dallas Cowboy uniform for Brenna - I will try to share that picture soon! We enjoyed a really nice Christmas party for lunch (except for Brenna's potty issues - who designed these seats that have the giant opening, they obviously did not have little bottoms!!) and played cards after. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful party and the gifts this year!
The day after Christmas, we got back on the road to my parents for Christmas over here. I didn't get all the ornaments done that I had wanted to - maybe I will work on some this week, who knows!! On Sunday, we had a fun holiday party for my family - Brenna was a little reserved with her playing, but I think that she has been way off her schedule lately too. Hopefully, next year all the cousins will play even better with each other :-) I really enjoyed playing with the kids this year - I think my niece Ally liked playing with me this year more than last time :-) Thanks Eric and Karen for hosting our gathering - it was wonderful!
We went out and made snow angels in the snow today! Brenna loved it and came inside soaking wet! Hopefully, we will have some snowman making snow before we go back to Germany - Brenna is really hoping to make one!
Well, belated Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!


mikaysmom said...

Very nice family photos. Typical Brenna making silly faces! I can't wait to see and hear more about the snow angels! It's so much fun watching kids be kids and relaxed and having fun! So glad that all the family is back together until your trip back! Take a break and enjoy the family time!