Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, February 5

Our pretty "cupcakes" from yesterday. We finally made one of the recipes from Brenna's Christmas gift from last year (boy am I way too slow!). Brenna really wanting those cupcakes... You do see one with Happy birthday written on it - it is the February birthday celebration "cake" - Happy birthday to everyone in our family with February birthdays!

Brenna loving the new pillow I made from her (I was a little bummed that I didn't get to see her initial reaction to it as I was out walking the dog this morning when she woke up and found it). The pillow is reversible (sorry, I know this picture doesn't really show what is on the pillow) - it is bears and hearts and the words "I love you beary much", "bear hugs to you" and "bear hugs" on one side and my red paw print fabric on the inside. Maybe Brenna will let me take more pictures later that are clearer (although I am a little concerned on how well they will transfer from my camera to my computer now (see the information below about my post today)).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Thanks for all the great comments yesterday :-) I sat down over a hour ago to do this post...but my pictures disappeared and I had to use my photo recovery program to get them back this morning (ugh - slow, slow, slow). So, while I thought I was going to clean or cut out Brenna's costume this morning, I ended up only getting the laundry done and sitting here at the computer :-( I will need to do some investigation on why my pictures "vanished" (this is very concerning with all our exciting trips coming up this year - hope it isn't something wrong with the electronics today, but just a one time glitch...)
Well, I better take Justice out one more time before walking back to Kindergarten to pick up Brenna. She was the only one dressed in her PJ's when I dropped her off (but there were lots of pillows at school today, so I did get that part right)- wonder if I completely translated wrong or if they were just waiting for later on to put the PJ's on - oh, well.
Happy birthday Margee!!!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

All your cakes look great! hope you and your picture program get happy together again!

mikaysmom said...

Okay, I'm coming to your house for cupcakes next time! Those are probably the biggest "cup" cakes I've seen in a while! Brenna looks so happy with her new pillow. I like that bear fabric, looks so cute and cuddly. I hope you just had a one time glitch. I know that you love to take photos and would be heart broken if something were to get lost that you couldn't recover...