Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, February 27

My face painting art work. I had some problems putting the white on and probably needed to use some more dark blue, but overall, I was happy with my work... I loved Brenna's mask below - I think she just needed a cape to complete the look! She is loving her new clothes from Dustin's mom - she hasn't wanted to take the pink leotard off lately :-)

I am doing a quilt along with my mom and sister from the website P.S. I Quilt ( I tried to add the button here for it, but couldn't get it to work yet... I am really happy with how my first two blocks turned out (for being completely new to quilting other than my paper-piecing, I was really jumping up and down that these turned out nice). Thanks for all your advice on these mom! I am going to be using my scraps of fabric from over here, so don't be surprised if fabrics from my other projects start to look familiar :-) (that is also part of the reason why I was trying to get so many of my other sewing projects done). (I am not completely thrilled with how I photographed these, I will have to try something different for the next block when I do it).

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I am very happy here to have Dustin finally home :-) (I don't think I have mentioned it here, but he was in London on Monday - Wednesday and then in Cologne on Friday). Brenna has been really missing her Daddy, so I'm sure she will be glued to him all day today (and she gets very worried when she can't see him - poor guy can't even go to the bathroom without her...I'm thinking she is starting to get to the age that Dustin may need to call her when he is away on business).
So, anyway, yesterday we did some gluing, finger painting, and brush painting (so much stuff that I ran out of room for it all to dry, oops!). Brenna and I ordered (hah, I ordered, who am I kidding) new face painting books here - here are first two faces. I am pretty sure I have already said this, but I am going to say it again that I am planning a costume party for Brenna's birthday and am thinking about including face painting for the kids as one of the activities :-) (I have some great ideas now to do :-)
I am getting ready to switch gears on my sewing and make March my quilting month (o.k., I do have two other sewing projects I want to do too - I have too much stuff I want to do and not enough time to get it all done, lol - who would have thought that would be the case!).
Well, I think that about covers stuff here! Happy birthday Karen (hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed our video we sent you!)
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

your face painting rocks! and welcome to the world of real quilting, you are a perfect student. Hope you and Dustin finally get to spend time this weekend. love ya