Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, February 21

Brenna ready to dive into her pretty painted eggs (I thought this picture turned out really funny - that was all her idea on how she wanted to "pose"). Below, my last new summer top (for me anyway - I'm sure I will be sewing more for Brenna soon) completed (can you tell how badly I have spring fever??) (o.k. - there is one other top that I plan to sew soon, but I would classify it more as a spring top)

More of Brenna with her pretty eggs.

I set Brenna free with our point and shoot camera on Friday - I love the following pictures that she came up with...

(I have several more TV pictures of Martha if anyone needs some - she didn't do too bad taking them and "Martha" was a good subject for her, lol)

Our new "shoes" for Brenna - she is interested in learning to tie, but she doesn't have any laces on her shoes to wear.
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - been busy working on making some more of my projects and keeping Brenna entertained with all the rain here. She had fun coloring eggs last week - hope you enjoy her picture today of opening the container to dive in...
On Friday, Brenna and I completed some embroideries (can you tell she picked the colors on the shoes??) (we also did an alphabet page, but I will wait to share that one until I have the binding on the fabric) and overloaded on PBS kids TV episodes... Brenna has enjoyed our short afternoon trips out for the dog - she even ran up the hill with him on Friday in the rain (I am pretty sure that both Brenna and Justice love the run up the hill by our house). On Saturday, we all made it out to the store (which was a really good thing as supplies in the house were running really, really low). I also took Justice for some longer walks on Saturday and Sunday (I have been really doing poorly this winter getting longer walks for him during the week - can I say again that I can't wait for spring and no snow (although I really don't want rain either)).
Today, I cleaned the apartment and finished one of my listed February tops :-) Now, I just need to finish my tunic, yoga bag, and Brenna's tank top and my February sewing list will be completed (although I would also like to get back to some of my quilts too - hopefully March will be a productive quilt month :-)
Well, that is it for today! Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

loving the aspiring little photographer, she's doing great. and of course another winning top for Mommy!Spring is just around the corner!

mikaysmom said...

Just reading this makes me tired!!! LOL! The top is cute, one of my fav fabrics. Brenna's becoming (oh wait, I think she was one already) quite the little ham. Glad that you guys are able to keep busy and not going too stir crazy in the wet and cold weather. Hope we get to chat soon! Love ya!

mikaysmom said...

Oh, Brenna's perspective is too cool. I like the foot picture and of course who could resist taking a picture of the tv show your watching, martha is so cool! Love it!