Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, February 2

Our pretty dinner from today - homemade pizza!

(We made smaller "individual" sizes too)
Hello All!!

Happy Groundhog day! Hope all is well out there! Things have been fairly uneventful today (just normal household cleaning tasks today - yuck!). For whatever reason, I was a grouch today (maybe cleaning day) - not sure exactly why (hmm - maybe cleaning day), but I really hope that I am back to myself tomorrow. Dustin is still feeling bad (but hasn't got really sick yet), so he went off to work today (hopefully not to spread a stomach bug around...). Brenna and I made our way to (and from) school in the snowy streets (all this snow means that Brenna has to walk to and from school - no stroller ride for her up the worst of the hills! Unfortunetly for Brenna, I want her to move much faster in this cold weather!). After Brenna got home today, we ate lunch and finished the cleaning (Brenna hates the vacuum cleaner as much as I do, lol ). Being short tempered today, we had to keep changing activities - we talked to my parents on skype (sorry for cutting the call short, but we needed the break from the computer and sitting), read some books, played with flash cards (who knew that the blank ones are more fun than ones with stuff on them), made our afternoon snack of coconut pudding, and then made pizza after taking Justice out after his supper. Don't you love all our heart shapes??? (They were Brenna's idea). Brenna liked putting on the toppings (although Brenna didn't pay as much attention to what went on hers and had to pick off the pineapple), but didn't like how slow I was in getting the heart shapes made....
Well, I better get to my German homework and then off to bed!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Sorry that your day was no fun cleaning and cleaning. I hope that the weather starts to get better so that spending time outside is more enjoyable! Love the heart shape pizzas. Is that ham on there? Yum, yum! The last time we made heart shaped was for valentines but what a good way to make a gloomy and grouchy day feel better! Can't wait to see you guys on skype this weekend! Love you!