Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17

Brenna had lots of fun modeling our new little bags today (wouldn't these make great treat bags for a birthday or the end of the school year for the kids??) - we made the bags with the idea of separating our change and putting them in the different bags, wonder how long that will last and how soon Brenna will just have them as play bags...

Doesn't she look like a great little shopper???

Brenna modeling the TV remote - not sure the exact reason, but she was in the mood to smile with other objects today...

One of the faces from Monday - hmm, no smiles Monday, but she must be feeling more like herself today...
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. I think we are all going to get Brenna's cold bug this time - at least it feels that way today...I kept Brenna home from Kindergarten today - I have been so spoiled with having my mornings "free", it is so different when she is home with me in the mornings...Brenna's upper lip is very chapped from her stuffy nose - hopefully that will be all better soon!
So, Brenna and I didn't accomplish too much today - we sorted our money and made bags for change (we made 7 little bags today), we made pizza for supper, played a little bit of Barbies, and have overdosed on too much TV (we watched all kinds of PBS shows :-)
A few videos from Carnival on Monday:
Well, I think that covers our highlights - hopefully, I won't feel worse tomorrow than I do today (otherwise it will be another lazy TV day).
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

The videos make me want more!! What a neat and unforgettable parade! Brenna, thanks for being such a super model. love and Hugs

mikaysmom said...

What a cheeser, love the face and the pouty lip on the last picture. Reminds me of some other little cutie! Going to check out the videos next. I like the bags, what a cool way to sort change, well, at least for those of us that are textile freaks! Hey, PBS is educational- I learned something about snow monkeys the other day when I felt like junk!

Love ya!

The Bean's said...

We love looking at all the pictures and videos... Makes us want to go back :o) Hope everyone feels better