Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30

I just had to include a couple more pictures of the flowers in Holland - so pretty!

Brenna and I in Amsterdam (Dustin would love to do the kayaking someday there through the canals...)

above, Brenna waving to the boats in Amsterdam (she did get lots of waves in return too :-). below, playing at the beach (of the North Sea)

I just love her shoes in this picture, lol

the shells were very neat on the beach - Brenna was in love :-) (I would have to say this was her favorite part of the trip)

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here. We had a very busy day here today - Brenna and I attended the spring brunch for school and then we were invited to one of her friend's house to play this afternoon. It was pretty rainy here today, but Brenna had fun on the last walks looking for snails, so at least that was something positive for her with all the walking...
I was pretty unprepared for the spring brunch today - I didn't realize the class would be singing and also preforming a small play - I had no camera or video (it was really cute too - Brenna played a tree in the "play"). Brenna had lots of fun playing with the other kids - lots of indoor running around. Brenna's current best friend - Milena - invited us over to play in the afternoon (lucky for us, her grandpa picked us up too so we didn't have to walk up a very steep hill to get there :-) Brenna really liked exploring the new house and toys and the girls played pretty well together.
So, these are our last pictures to share from our trip to Amsterdam and the North Sea. On Sunday, Brenna was feeling even worse, so we decided to have a very relaxed day and spend our morning at the beach and then go into Amsterdam later (we even talked about just doing a drive through, but we made a quick stop at Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and had lunch close by). We had breakfast at the hotel before going to the beach (we should have asked if that was included - we got hit with a huge fee when we checked out for breakfast - what a bummer!). The hotel was close enough to walk to the beach (even though we didn't have a view of the beach). The cars from the parade on Saturday were parked there too (along the boardwalk), so it was nice to see those up close before going to the beach. Brenna loved the beach and all the shells there - she could have happily just played there all day. I think we spent about a hour and a half there and then decided it was time to go back to the hotel and clean up and head to Amsterdam. (I was glad we hadn't checked out yet with all the sand Brenna had on her - I kind of felt bad that the hotel staff had already cleaned the room (even though we hadn't checked out) - but not as bad about it after we were hit with the enormous breakfast fee (seriously, I think it may have been cheaper to do room service than the buffet style breakfast they served downstairs...)). So, after checking out of the hotel, we drove to Amsterdam and based on how Brenna was feeling decided to just do lunch and a walk by of Anne Frank's hideout (from the war). There really isn't too much to see from the outside, but we weren't willing to stand in line and go in with how Brenna was feeling...
After Amsterdam, we drove about 2 hours south to our hotel and enjoyed a nice supper in the quiet town there (Dustin and I both had a seafood salad - it was pretty good - it even included eel (which actually was better than the salmon on it). We tried to get a good night sleep, but I think we all slept pretty poorly at the last hotel, so after Brenna got a little sick in the room (she does that if she coughs too much or gets herself really upset), we decided it was time to just head home. So, we left the last hotel at around 6 in the morning and we skipped our stop in Cologne on the way home and just went straight to the doctor's office instead...
So, that wraps up our trip - I loved seeing all the sights from this trip - loved the flowers, the chocolate, and the canals (and the beach) - I would definetly do that trip again!
We have a holiday here tomorrow - so all the stores will be closed tomorrow and Sunday - should be a pretty quiet weekend here (probably just cleaning and hopefully some sewing - poor Dustin and Brenna!)
Well, have a great weekend! Take Care!


The Bean's said...

OH... I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES once again... what FUN!!!! ENJOY all the traveling....