Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday, April 8

Here are our pictures from day 2 - our day traveling the Ring of Kerry :-) I love the picture that Dustin took above - this was right beside the restraunt we ate lunch at (too bad the weather wasn't nicer as they had a patio where you could eat lunch by this view :-) It was crazy crossing the bridge that they had going over this water - they had a large area of open grating that you could see down to the water (and my boot heels had lots of fun walking over it, lol). Brenna and Dustin at the beach :-)

Beach on the ring of Kerry

It was cold and rainy for most of the trip, but we all still had a very enjoyable time exploring a new place.

I thought Brenna's expression here was great - I think she is over being photographed so much, lol
Another of my favorite pictures - Dustin took this one from the safety of the car - see me below out in the wonderful rainy weather, lol!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - Brenna and I had a fun morning with our various activities. We played with Brenna's new Lotto game (with Disney characters) and also played alphabet bingo. Then we made some mini cakes to celebrate April birthdays :-) (of course, Brenna was the most excited about the frosting :-) The weather was very cloudy all day, so not much time was spent outside (even though we could have as it didn't rain all day - just very grey clouds).

So, for our 2nd day of travels:
After our delicious breakfast, we headed out for a day of travel in the car to tour the Ring of Kerry and then to our next bed and breakfast in Ennis. The morning was rainy, but we did stop in a couple of the nice towns. Brenna was very patient between stops, but she was happy to get out and explore (o.k., she was much happier out of the car than in, but she was still a good traveler - thank goodness for video in the car). I was all about finding souveniors at the places we stopped - Brenna and I found some "treats" quickly (not so hard with all the new items we found - Brenna found a very cute snow globe - it even has a drawer that pulls out, and I found some new pictures and a very nice wool/cashmere scarf). We walked along the water a little and Brenna and Dustin collected a few rocks from the beach area. We drove about half way around the "ring" before stopping for lunch. Our food stop here wasn't impressive, but at least the scenery made up for it (and Brenna had ice cream for dessert, so all was right in her world :0)
I found a cute craft shop and bought a new crocheted hat - too bad they didn't have one in Brenna's size as she is in love with my new hat :-) After that, Brenna was getting tired (i.e., meltdown in next store...) so we decided to move on and complete our tour around the ring (it does get to be a very curvy drive closer to Killarney - I really wished I wasn't sitting in the back seat with Brenna at that point). So, our only stops after that were for bathroom breaks (the weather wasn't really great for outdoors anyways - it was really raining by the time we ended our tour and moved on to Ennis). Brenna fell asleep right before we arrived at our next bed and breakfast, so Dustin went in by himself and dropped off the suitcases (which Brenna thought was pretty cool when we came back to the bed and breakfast) and we headed into town for supper. We used a internet cafe for the first time while traveling, but only so Dustin could pay the toll that we owed from driving out of Dublin. After that, we headed back to the bed and breakfast and had another early night :-)
Well, I also thought I would share our short videos from our trip today - hope you enjoy the ocean from the ring of kerry, the seals in Howth, and Brenna's favorite - the "double-double" buses in Dublin.
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

love the videos. can't believe how beautiful the countryside is there. I bet you didn't want to leave!

heathmamagam said...

Brenna, keep the excitement on the "double-double" buses, what a cutie!enjoy all those memories..**

Tracy S said...

Wow, INCREDIBLE shots!!!