Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2

Brenna's newest quilt below (maybe I will get something actually finished of the 3 quilts I am currently sewing soon, so that she can actually have one to use). I bought a new embroidery font for the name - I think it turned out pretty cute (although my spacing isn't perfect - but I still like how it turned out)I tried to get Brenna to lay under her new quilt, but she wasn't interested - maybe once it is finished she will jump in a picture for me...

So, I have been very busy this weekend with my pinwheel quilt along. I am going to make 30 blocks rather than just the 16 we were given instructions for, so it is taking me a little longer to get this done (plus, I still plan to make the small pinwheels for the sashing, so it will still be a few weeks before this quilt is done...) - I might need to switch to my other quilts before Dustin's trip to the US at the end of the month as I want to send my completed quilt tops back with him... (hope you don't get bored by my craft pictures today, but I think the squares are pretty - hope you enjoy seeing them)

Hello All!!

Where did April go? It passed us by so quickly here with all of our travels and Dustin's busy work schedule. I have been keeping busy with any free time getting my quilts together. I am really happy with my progress on the pinwheel quilt along - I have 23 blocks done (of the 30 that I am planning to do - and almost have 2 more that are done so I will be at 25 in no time). I also used one of my new charm packs that I purchased to make a fun animal quilt for Brenna - I am just going to back it with flannel for the summer (and no batting) so she will be able to use it shortly (especially for the hot weather that is bound to be coming soon).
The weather here has been very overcast and rainy this weekend - so lots of indoor time this weekend (luckily Brenna and Dustin have been having fun together). We did play cards and bingo together as a family today too, so that was very nice for all of us. Dustin and Brenna even cleaned the garage together today :-)
Well, not to much else going on here (or maybe I just missed it all while I was sitting at the sewing machine, lol)!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Your blocks are looking delicious! Brenna will love her quilt, and Mommy for making it! You are making it all look so much fun!

mikaysmom said...

I'm surprised I didn't comment on this one before. the blocks are really neat. Your quilt will look awesome! love the charms on the other quilt.