Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday, July 2

I need to get Brenna's birthday invites printed, but we are still working on determining the time for the party (it will be sometime around lunch). But, here is a sneak peak at the party invite for anyone following the blog :-) (costumes are not mandatory - but feel free to come with a crazy hat or sunglasses (or just a crazy outfit) :-)

Brenna has not been in the mood to go to school this week, she will do anything to procrastinate going including letting me take her picture, lol. Here was her yesterday morning modeling with her inner tube (which would be so much more fun if she would go in the big pool...) (Brenna has such a warm body I am trying to keep her well hydrated and cool each day - so the first thing is keeping her hair up - I think she looks good with bangs or without - she is just too cute!)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! It is hot, hot, hot here (Our apartment reached 90 yesterday afternoon - expecting the same today). Brenna and I have been spending our afternoons at the pool, but poor Justice is stuck in the apartment. I have been waking up very early (before the sun is up) to take him for his walks, but still feel bad for him in the hot apartment with all of his hair... I asked for some suggestions for keeping my pet cool yesterday on facebook and got a great suggestion of feeding him ice cubes - so he had several treated this morning and I will give him more throughout the day (when we are here). (I feel too bad having him be alone more than a few hours with this heat, so we only go to the pool for about 3 hours (although, I think 3 hours is plenty of time at the pool - especially since Brenna only wants to be in the kid pool and refuses to go in the big pool)). It has been a good opportunity to see other moms from school and do some more socialization :-)
Not too much going on here - we did some paper crafting yesterday. I brought out my alphabet stickers for Brenna and said she could have any letters that she correctly pointed to - hmm, really, really need to work with her on her alphabet...(although I think the sticker idea may be the best for her yet - she really wanted to get the stickers and paid close attention when we reviewed the letters before so that she could get as many as possible...)
Hoping by next week that the weather cools off some - the forecast is calling for storms here on Sunday morning, so I am crossing my fingers that next weeke will be cooler...
Hope everyone is staying cool there! Take Care!