Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 19

Our Sunday visit to Europa Park (o.k. - just a "few" more pictures from the weekend - I can't believe we only have 18 more days left before we fly...)

The parade - it wasn't nearly the big deal that it is at Disney Land - there were plenty of places to sit - we even managed to find a bench to sit on! All of the characters waved to Brenna - she loved the parade and all the characters :-)

We also found a face painting station with no line :-) Brenna looked so wonderful with the face painting that she picked. The face painting artist took all of 10 minutes (if that long) - it looked wonderful (hmm, maybe I should have got mine done and then Brenna might have wanted to have her picture done with me, lol).

Right after having her face painted...

Poor Brenna - I really tried to get some good pictures of the beautiful face painting - I took dozens of pictures on the next two rides we rode...

Brenna loved these mushrooms from the ride - aren't they great??? (They came in all different colors - I especially liked the pink one)...

I really loved this exit sign :-)

Waiting for the train to arrive at the park

Our car trip on Saturday - Brenna and I doing our silly faces in the back seat - can you tell she was more interested in the TV then the pictures...

Innsbruck, Austria - if the clouds looked like rain, that is because it was right before the storm... (be sure to check out the video posting from Sunday for the wonderful hail and flood in Innsbruck...)

The hail in Innsbruck (in front of the Swarovski store)

Our only picture of us in Innsbruck - at least Justice finally made it on a family trip :-)

Justice in Liechtenstein...

More face painting pics...

Our picture with the yellow mail box - the color of the German post offices :-)

From our visit to the Karlsruhe zoo today - didn't she have some great smiles while feeding the goats :-)

Lasagna ice cream - doesn't that look like a masterpiece :-)

Hello All!!!

Lots of pictures to share today - hope you made it through them all, lol!!!
Things are good here - Dustin took an extra day off this weekend so we enjoyed a family day today at the zoo in Karlsruhe and then the local mall :-) Our time is going so quickly - only two more weekends here in Germany! If anyone reading ever wants to vacation in Europe, I would highly recommend Germany now - especially the Black Forest region - there is lots for families and couples to do here - we will certainly miss it.
I can't think of too much else to say on our weekend - I think the pictures today speak for themselves :-)
Take Care!!


heathmamagam said...

wow! what a lot of beautiful memories, and it looks like so much fun! (It doesn't look like Justice cared if he got wet)Are you going to make all those pretty ice creams when you come home?

mikaysmom said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the face painting! The rain looks like it really came down quick! Glad you were able to take the furry guy along!