Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 14

Today was my last German class :-( Only 23 days before we fly back to the US, so there is lots to do at the apartment (one of which is trying to stay cooler...) These are large size potholders - they are big enough for a large pot to sit on. My teacher said she loved the red - it was one of my favorite colored blocks, so hopefully she will enjoy them both.

I also gave my teacher a blue hydrangea - I think I will have to get one of these back in the US, they are one of my favorite flowers here and will always remind me of our summers in Germany...
The temperature in my apartment today (this wasn't even the high - I think it went up to almost 93 today, but we are going back down now - yeah, the temperature has dropped to 91.7). Anyway, it is too hot in my apartment and outside. After we walked home from kindergarten, we to stay cool in the apartment - we took a cool bath and lounged in front of the fans in the house, but it is still hot! (I know, it is summer, what do we expect??)
Our other pictures from Disney (I know you aren't surprised that there are more, lol). Brenna loved all the characters - we got some really great pictures of her with them (even if that was the only time she wanted her picture taken).

It was hot waiting for the princesses, but Brenna did great waiting and then taking a picture with her.
Love the pictures of Brenna and Minnie at Woody's Roundup, they are some of my favorite for the day :-)
Mickey and Brenna at Woody's Roundup
an example of most of my pictures of Brenna from the park when she wasn't with a character (or on her favorite ride)

My only picture of Brenna and I from Sunday - she did not want to take any pictures with Dustin or I....

On the riverboat ride in Frontierland. There was a young boy that kept tapping Brenna on the shoulder and waving to her - they had fun giggling with each other (isn't it great to know the things that are universal in all countries)

Our blue skies for the day - love the Disney Village sign

Our only family picture from the trip (when we were on the It's a Small World Ride)

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there. Things are hot and sticky here, but we are hoping for rain later tonight to cool things off. I really hope the weather is more comfortable tomorrow.
I finished my gift for my teacher last night (two large size pot holders - they are 12"!). I wasn't sure what to make, but thought I would make her something from my newest hobby (I will admit that it was supposed to be a table runner, but when I quilted it, my outside fabric bunched so much that I cut them down to pot holders (of course that was after I had all the hot fabric and batting on my lap on Saturday))....I really like how they turned out - I have one more that I can make the same (although the back isn't as perfect as I would like) - wonder if I should keep it for myself or give it as a gift after we are back in the US??
Yeah, took a break from posting to put Brenna to bed and rain came - hope tomorrow is much more comfortable :-)
It is interesting watching Brenna play with the other kids from Kindergarten. She understands german pretty well now, but only speaks a couple words (or phrases) sometimes. She mostly talks to the other kids in English. When we were at the field trip on Monday, one of Brenna's best friend's mom mentioned that her friend said that Brenna only speaks gibberish. Good thing that playing house, dolls, and in the sand is universal :-)
Well, that is about all for today - hope we have comfortable sleeping weather tonight!
Take Care!