Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5

Our trip to France on Saturday morning. The weather was very warm, so we didn't plan to be there long (and we weren't after Brenna tripped and had a sore ankle for the morning - although she was fully recovered for the pool later in the day :0) I didn't expect Brenna to want to pose with the dress, but she sure did and I had to try to quickly get to a camera for a picture :-)

at the pool on Saturday afternoon - I love the kid pools here - it is like a stream going down - lots of fun for the kids!
Brenna was sending one of her toys down stream and having lots of fun

I love all the green in the background here - sorry I don't have more of the actual kid pool - we planned to get more before we left, but it just didn't happen....

at the festival in our town yesterday afternoon - of course brenna found the ponies and the carousel...

this morning, Brenna continued with her sore throat and sniffles, so I kept her home from school (it started Saturday evening - she seems to be feeling fairly well, but lots of sneezing and runny nose) (I think she has missed all the walking trips in town - she has had the sniffles I think every time - so nothing serious, but enough that I don't want her getting worse) (plus, we have a fun adventure planned for the weekend and I really want her to be recovered and enjoy that!) Our landlord shared some garden fresh vegetables - kohlrabi (this was always one of my favorite vegetables as a child - it just reminds me of summer and time at my grandparents house) and zucchini. (it surprised me when we moved over here 2 years ago that kohlrabi is actual german - at least I recognized the name of that veggie quickly over here, lol). I think this was Brenna's first taste of kohlrabi and she really liked it :-) She was busy in the pictures talking about her enjoyment of the veggies - I should have done of video instead of pictures, but the pictures are still fun, lol. Showing off the cut veggies below... (she has a bite of kohlrabi in her mouth)
got to love the face here....

Justice was just hoping she would drop something edible - how many pictures do you see with him watching Brenna???

Brenna reading to the veggies... (not sure why, lol...)

Brenna's new balloon from the festival yesterday
Hello All!!!

Happy belated 4th of July!
We had a busy weekend here - went to France on Saturday morning (in what may be our last walk around there). Brenna stumbled on her way to the double decker carousel there, so she didn't get her last ride there. (Bummer - we had already paid and she had given her token over to ride the elephant that time and then she was down and just wanted to go home...lots of tears - she even asked this morning about where we went that she "broke" her ankle). But, she recovered for the afternoon so we headed to the pool in town to cool off a little bit. (Interesting cultural difference here - when the younger kids get back to the towels - about 8 and younger, they all take off their bathing suits. Dustin asked one of his coworkers about it and he said it was because the kids then dried quicker, but really who wants to fight with putting a wet bathing suit back on?? Brenna is very modest at the pool right now - she won't wear the two piece bathing suit I bought her and definetly wouldn't sit on the towel naked, lol). We didn't stay too long as some storm clouds looked to be moving in (although I don't think it ever rained on Saturday here) and the World Cup game for Germany was on at 4 here (yeah, they won!!!) (it was crazy here after with horns honking and people making noise - I really, really hope they win it all :-)
Yesterday, we had cloudy skies (and a forecast that said rain), but the rain all held off until about 6 pm. (poor Justice, I listened to the forecast and bailed on our morning walk not wanting to get caught out in a thunderstorm). So, we went down to the festival in town for about an hour and then walked back home. The temperature did cool off today after the storm - it is only 84 in my apartment instead of 90 - what a difference 6 degrees can make, lol!
They are calling for the weather to warm right back up this week - so we will probably be spending some more time at the pool if Brenna is feeling better.
Well, I think that is about it - Brenna helped with cleaning this morning - she is a great helper - hope she continues helping me as well in the US. I really wish somebody could have taped her excitement when I announced that the toilet needed cleaned this morning - "yeah, mommy, cleaning the toilet - my favorite!" (although she is also loving cleaning the stairs now too- I'm glad someone in the family likes to clean because it isn't me, lol).
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Brenna, you are such a great spokesman to your audience! Keep up the good work, love you and daddy in the photo!

mikaysmom said...

Glad you guys had a great weekend! Sorry to hear that brenna fell and got an "broke" her ankle while you were enjoying a last trip to france! Love all the pictures. the scenery there is just to die for! Tell that girl to eat some Kohlrabi for me too! Yum!