Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 10

Brenna looked adorable in her outfit that we picked out to go visit my old co-workers today. Could this girl be any cuter??? There is an outdoor cat that lives in our neighborhood now - he is very friendly and Brenna loves to try to pet him - don't they look sweet together?? (he seems to live at the house next door, but is very scrawny)

Brenna is loving her chalk outdoors right now (although we are out of blue and pink already, lol)

The last of the pink chalk today

At the playground we visited today :-) Brenna was brave enough to try out the monkey bars (and they were a great height for her to get started on)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I am getting to be hopelessly confused on my days here (I'm going to have to start to blog more regularly again so that I know what day it is, lol!). I keep thinking that next week is the week of the 20th for some reason - not sure why I want to rush September, the weather has been so nice so far :-)

Yesterday, Brenna had her doctor's appointment in the afternoon and to my surprise, no shots (they said we were all up to date (although next year will be a big bummer on the shots!). Brenna had lots of fun with the doctor and showed off her picture books from Germany and Paris Disney. Brenna got a princess sticker after and then we went for ice cream at the McDonald's drive thru as I needed a pick-me-up (I had a really off day yesterday - today was much better - although I passed on the ice cream treat for myself). After the doctor's visit, we drove into town and went to Hobby Lobby (amazed that Brenna and I didn't manage to break something - I thought it was inevitable, but we managed to get our pattern and escape from the store without any damage :-) After that stop (where Brenna was being a little wild), we went into our town square and checked out a used book store (all the benefits go to an adult literacy program) that a neighbor told us about (very cool - we got two kids books, but I'm sure I will be back to look for more :-) On our walk back to the car, we stumbled upon a bead store - we love looking at those kinds of pretty things and this store was jam packed with 2 levels of pretty items :-) When we went upstairs, we asked about classes (which they do and they also do groups if anyone ever wants to get together and have a wine night with jewelry making :-) and the nice lady upstairs gave Brenna a blue popsicle and then we spent about an hour there with Brenna making 3 pretty bracelets (one was left at the store if anyone wants to buy it :-) (it was a great activity for Brenna and she loved lining up all the beads and putting them on the string - although I may have created a monster as today she asked about making matching necklaces, lol!). After that we came back home and were kind of lazy for the rest of the evening.

Today, we drove down to my old workplace and visited. Brenna loved seeing everyone and she was in a great mood for visiting. Afterwards, we had a picnic at the park and then fed the ducks (Brenna did great with that - the ducks at the park are very used to being fed and we got a little swarmed, but it was lots of fun). Then, we headed over for a special cookie treat (my favorite cutout cookies - yummy (although Brenna only ate the frosting off of hers)). We planned at stopping at a playground on the way home, but Brenna fell asleep (and I wasn't really in the best shoes for the playground), so we came home to change really quick before going out. Brenna decided to model in the drive way before we went - she looked so cute in her outfit today :-) (o.k. - I will admit to get Brenna to wear two of her new pairs of jeans this week I told her they were Hannah Montana jeans - it just might be the answer to wear some new items from her wardrobe, lol). Brenna made friends with two of the girls at the park today - we even joined one group on a nature hike at the park and then the kids had lots of fun rolling down the hills afterwards. Then it was home to wash up and have supper with Daddy :-)

Hope you enjoy all her great pictures from today!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

No fair! You get a bead store, and a hobby lobby! can't wait to see those bracelets, Brenna! So glad you are having so much fun...keep smiling! !

The Bean's said...

What fun! Love all the pictures of Brenna... she is turning into a little lady..