Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23

Brenna trying to catch her bubbles on Tuesday - she of course loves her bubbles (now, we just need to get batteries for the bubble maker - blowing them is almost too much work, lol)

watching the bubbles float away...
showing off her silly side...

showing mommy how to use two bubble-wands at the same time...

Justice enjoying our bubble time...
Our craft today - we made homemade shea butter soap (our first time with making soap) - Brenna picked out all the colors and scents for each soap (hmm, wonder if she might like to make and give these as Christmas gifts from her to people this year???) (she even got into the mixing and adding the colors after we worked on them for a little while) (of course, the pink shoe in the middle has already been claimed by a little person at our house, lol). I would say our craft went fairly well today - I need to let go of a little more control when Brenna is crafting with me, maybe one of these days I will get that down. Brenna was most excited to see the final products and she really did a great job getting them out of the molds (we froze them for about 20 minutes before removing - worked wonderfully).
Below are our solid color soaps - we did a lot of mixing/layering (once I did it on one soap - Brenna wanted it done on all of them, lol).
Our new girly mold - 2 purses and shoes (that is where the pink high heel soap above came from). I love our shoes that have the two tone color - I think they look almost professional, lol :-)
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - I still haven't found my "groove" of being home in the US (the big house, driving, and having a TV I understand are actually all a little overwhelming to me these days, lol). (so needless to say that while Brenna was at school today I accomplished nada - and yesterday all I accomplished was grocery shopping - ack!).
On Tuesday afternoon after school, Brenna and I did some bubble fun and bike riding in the afternoon. She is coming home very tired after her morning in school (and doesn't want to nap anymore) - which makes for some interesting afternoons. We saw some vultures circling our neighborhood on Tuesday while we were eating lunch - I got my camera out to take some video of how close they were above, but then they disappeared (so they either landed and were eating or they flew on).
Yesterday, I finally made it to the grocery store and then spent the rest of the time while Brenna was at school making chili for supper. We also made homemade applesauce yesterday and a corn casserole recipe (my kitchen is still a mess - I'm not used to all that cooking anymore, lol). It was nice to finally get the crock pot out after all our time away from it (I think Dustin actually liked having a hot supper for once too). Brenna had dance class in the evening (which she continues to love), but she fell asleep about 1 minute away from the dance building - but we arrived early enough that she revived herself well before class. We went on a bike ride around the neighborhood after getting back home - on the long walk around Brenna still likes to go on her tricycle. (I wonder if it is because she doesn't have to wear all her gear on the tricycle??).
Today, after school, we went to Hobby Lobby for some soap making materials (I really just went for scent, but ended up coming home with more - oops!). I think our soap project today was a big hit :-)
Well, I think that is most of the highlights!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

yes, your soap rocks! very neat and shiny. Brenna looks like a special flower when she makes bubbles in her flower dress. Good job on that one, Mom!