Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, September 6 - Happy birthday and Free Kittens

Happy birthday today to my beautiful sister Renee - we love you!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

My niece - a great smile (and I was lucky enough to take this picture :-)
Brenna and my mom playing with a willy worm (I think this is one of the first ones I remember Brenna seeing - we saw mostly slugs and snails in Germany).
Another niece with a really great smile (and a love of pets)

aww - sisters....

what can I say about this face??? (hope it makes her and her parents laugh though!!)
and my oldest smiling niece :-)

Free kittens - anyone interested??? My parents have 5 very friendly kittens right now that could use loving homes....

Brenna lecturing the kittens to stop fighting, lol
hmm, so will watering your legs make them grow???
my little model....

love the serious look and the hand in the pocket...

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things have been very busy here with unpacking (I am so tired of it, I almost feel like putting stuff back in the boxes now and just ignoring them, lol). Our kitchen is the worst disaster right now, maybe I can make some headways on it today (I hope). But, all of our stuff is back under one roof - wow how crazy after 2 years.

Brenna is making some new friends in the neighborhood - she has met two of the neighbor girls and is having lots of fun playing with them :-) (Although I am a little embarrased to even have the kids see all my moving mess - hope we get more progress made soon!).

Yesterday, we drove over to the Akron Zoo and spent the morning with some friends we have been missing :-) This is a great small zoo if someone is looking for a good activity to do with kids. We had a perfect weather day yesterday - 70's and sunny :-) Then, we made an impromptu decision to head over to Pittsburgh (PA) to the IKEA there. (At least it is "only" a 2.5 hour drive - but Brenna did great with the entire drive (and surprised me by staying awake the whole time)). We got some shelves that we had been looking at for our basement :-) Brenna commented that she was missing the German rest areas - I think I would too if I was her age (o.k., I'm not her age and I do miss the cleanliness of the German rest areas - plus Brenna always wants me with her in the bathroom right now - but at least we have a system to get her to use the "scary" American toilets, lol).

I am going to have to get busy on some sewing soon - we have family pictures coming up and I have some outfits picked for Brenna that I will need to put together soon (hope my fabric arrives on time this week so that I can get started). Brenna starts dance class this week - I hope she has fun with it as she is really looking forward to it!

Happy birthday to my sister today - I really hope you have a great day - wish I could give you a hug in person! We love you!!!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, you are such a good photographer! All my grandkids are so-o good-looking, too. nice kitten pics, they are growing so fast1

mikaysmom said...

Aw, yay, 1st post in September and it's on my birthday! yay me! lol, love all the pictures, can't thank you enough for taking those pics of Kaygirl and I! All your pics are great! I can vouch for the cats, they are great with the kids and so gosh darn cute! I hope that we can find homes for a few or all of them! Love you too!

mikaysmom said...

BTW, with the serious look and hand in the pocket, she could totally be a little fashion model. You need to find her a modeling job!