Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18

Hello All!

Hope all is well out there. We had a visit today to a real German Kindergarten - can you believe that Brenna will be going there in the fall?? (I know that I can't!). Brenna loved the place so much that after 45 minutes of playing she did not want to leave all her new discoveries - I don't think I will have much problem getting her to go each day :-) We will be walking to and from there each day which will be great exercise for us - not sure if Justice will get to go much (with needing to go in and drop off and pick up Brenna). Anyway, I'm sure September will be here much quicker than I expect it to (and then who knows what I will do with my mornings!).

My mom has been busy working on my craft projects (dad - can I keep her - she actually finishes my projects?? - just kidding) - today's picture is of the "gathered market bag" pattern that I bought - I love how it turned out :-) We took it to the store and tried it out today - worked very nice - I loved the over the shoulder strap - just perfect length (much more comfortable than the other bags I have).
Justice got out with some decent walks today - he got a chance to visit with another Golden retriever over here - which made him very happy :-) I got my exercise in too (as Dustin took my good walking stroller and I had to take the much bigger jogging stroller today - I had to run back from the kindergarten visit today and have German class). On the bright side my run was all down hill and some more of my jeans are fitting better :-) The weather was very nice - mom wanted to go for a short walk this evening (20 - 25 minutes) and we ended up strolling for a whole hour!
Well, that is all for today! Take Care!