Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Escape Artists

Our snails back in the "wild"

Brenna helping set the snails "free"

"I'll miss you - love you"
I think the guy above was the leader of the escaping crew - he sure was the most alert when I discovered them this morning!
Outside their temporary home
Brenna pointing to the escaped snails (o.k., she was playing with their antenna too, lol)

Hello All!!

Well, the plan was to let our snails go back to the "wild" today. They however, had other plans... Last night (while my mom and Brenna were sleeping in the same room), all three snails "broke out" of their temporary home (who knew that they could lift up the lid on a plastic container that way - I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen them). My mom said she heard the plastic (in hindsight - she said the next time she hears noises, she is turning the light on), but blamed the noise on the dog. One of the snails even made it to the window (hope they didn't plan to "jump" and make an escape that way). Once we discovered the snails (I freaked my mom out - I told Brenna to get Gammy - she had to come back to Brenna's room), we decided a quick trip to the top of the forest would be needed (bummer, missed kinder group again this week). We moved them to a different container for the trip (boy, can those things cling on to plastic - I was worried that I was going to pull off their shell trying to move them back into the woods). Brenna was pretty excited to help put them back - although I was kind of worried about her actually touching the slimey things (yes, to get them out of the plastic, I had to actually touch them - can't believe that people actually eat these things!).
Anyway, I have printed Brenna pictures of her critters for her room (what a relief that she was not upset that the guys had to go back!) and I'm sure we will spend plenty of time this summer searching for them to make sure they are happy back in the wild! Brenna said the "leader" of the escaping three was Slimmey just in case you wondered who the trouble maker was, lol!
Take care (and hopefully laugh about our snail "adventure" today)!


mikaysmom said...

Way to go little sis! I couldn't stop laughing when I read the story!!!! Who knew snails were little escape artists, no wonder they are such a nuisance! Just think if you had wanted to keep them longer. I'm actually surprised that the dog didn't try to eat one! Nevertheless, what a story! Too bad they had to go back to the "wild!"