Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21

Brenna was loving her new lifesize Cinderella ballon!! (we got this at the park that we walk to every day - she saw too many other kids with these to pass up)

Showing mommy her attitude!
CHEERS (we had to go through about 5 rounds of cheers with all of our cups today!)

Our yummy new recipe from my German kids cookbook - I didn't even have to get the dictionary out to translate anything (o.k., the pictures make it pretty self explanatory, but I'm still understanding more)

Our embroidery from yesterday (I almost called it quits on this one yesterday as I had all kinds of problems completing it!)

Our yummy angel food cupcakes with blueberry sauce (boy, do I wish that they had the same canned fruits in the States that they have here - made the sauce super easy and delicious!)

Brenna on the small horse from our horse ride today (this was again at the park that we walk to every day)
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. The weather here today is stormy, but we had a nice day yesterday. Yesterday, mom, Brenna, Justice, and I walked up to the German war memorial here in town. Brenna walked the entire time which was great exercise for her (although she can sure get wound up hanging out with my mom - and she gets very sweaty, very quickly). It is a steep hill, but a short one which is good. We are working on our recipes for microwave cooking over here and made English muffin pizzas yesterday. They were very good (I think the English muffins that Dustin bought were way better than any I had in the U.S.).
Dustin has the day off today and tomorrow. We are just staying around the apartment today - tried to head up to the big look out point, but the afternoon storms were rolling in, so we ended up going to the park instead (which was much more expensive with the pony rides and ballons, lol!). Justice and I managed to get out for a long walk this morning which was good as I haven't made it out for a morning walk with him since Sunday (he has enjoyed our afternoon strolls this week though). Mom and I made angel food cupcakes today (we had some problems with our mixer selection today - I miss my kitchen aid!) - they turned out pretty good, but I think I will try with a different mixer next time and see if I can get the consistency better. The topping was excellent - a blueberry sauce with cinnamon - yum!! We also made a new recipe from my German kids cook book - Quiche - also very good (although all the time with stuff in the oven was starting to get warm!). I think my mom is enjoying my kids cookbook as it is great for a person to get familiar with cooking in Germany. Good thing the rain is coming through and cooling things off a little bit :-)
Hopefully, once the rain goes through we can get a long walk later. We are planning a trip to Switzerland tomorrow and Freiburg on Saturday (and then back through the Black Forest south of us).
Take Care!