Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, May 1

Hello All!!

Wow - can you believe it is the first of May already?? How time keeps flying by. We got Justice out for 2 long walks today (one by myself this morning and one this afternoon as a family). He loves them and you can tell he is enjoying the increased activity with spring :-)
We rented Marley and Me off of iTunes today - it was cute. The best part was probably Brenna kissing away my tears at the end (and wiping them off with her t-shirt) - she can be so sweet sometimes (o.k., I think most of the time). She loved seeing all the dogs and anyone who has a dog (or large dog) can probably relate to some of the movie. Not sure I thought the language was all great for Brenna (hopefully we won't start hearing some of those words around the house)...

Dustin had the day off today - amazing that lots of Germans take today to be an outdoor day - lots of people walking and riding bikes (and today was a beautiful day for it).

Thought I would post some pictures from Brenna's camera today (and she took these shots) - the world according to Brenna :-)


mikaysmom said...

You can tell she's going to be a great picture taker! Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old! Enjoying the pics and hearing about your nice weather over there. Hope it stays that way!