Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17

Love the "milk" mustache in these next ones...

Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there. The weather here the last two days has been really nice. We drove to Neuschwanstein Castle yesterday (although it was cloudier there than here with some rain in the morning). We all made the steep climb to the top (including Brenna - she had the most energy and wanted to run up the hill). We had nice tours at both the castles in the area and Brenna did pretty well for her age. She fell asleep after the second castle tour, but woke up when riding on the horse drawn carriage down. My mom and Dustin rode down and I tried to get a couple pictures of their ride down (my best picture was the one of the horses though - not of her in the carriage!). I must remember how many steps and hills there are in the castles - I think I blocked out the number of steps up from my first tour - but I think I am better shape now for them, lol!
We ate at one of the rest stops on the way home. The first thing Brenna picked out was a stuffed animal and a doughnut. The doughnut was actually really good - we all tried some and decided it was very much like an American fresh doughnut :-)

We went to Baden-Baden and Bühl today (which my mom said she was greatful that the hills weren't so high there) and strolled around. The weather here is supposed to be nice the rest of the week, so it should be nice for us to stroll outside when we can. Hopefully, it won't get too hot - the attic apartment will be warm in the summer I'm sure. Justice and I have been getting our exercise first thing in the morning which has been good for both of us - my jeans seem to be fitting a little better so I'm happy for spring :-)
Hopefully, we will be finishing some more of our craft projects soon too so that we can post the finished product :-)
Take Care!


The Bean's said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Everytime we travel I think I should just plan on STEPS!!

mikaysmom said...

What fun and such good exercise! Can't wait to see more pics soon! Enjoy the nice weather!