Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15

I'm trying to decide on the apple and red fabric which way I want to lay it out - I think I might do the apples this time - any thoughts?? (I think I like the apples in the middle, they are more obvious that way, they seem to just blend in when the red is in the center) (you can vote on the sidebar of my blog :-) - sorry, I have no patience, so the poll is only open until Saturday, lol)

My other two blocks I made today :-) (the pink one is inspired by a person on the flickr group - they have some great ideas on pinwheels there :-)
yesterday, I sewed a ton of half-square triangles (hst) - I think I sewed about 50 of them (at least it goes quick once you have everything set up and ready to go). Now, I just need to iron and trim some more (notice the large stack of pink ones - those are for Brenna's quilt ;-)

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - Dustin is very busy with work (so not much time for posting this week).
Brenna mentioned yesterday that I needed to post how foggy it was in the morning (Her words "Mom, you need to type on the computer that it is foggy"), but it seems like the weather is going to be nicer for the weekend. (can I just say how glad that I am that Dustin wasn't in England today and the customer's are here - all flights to England are grounded until the ash cloud clears out from Iceland (I almost feel bad for the guys from England who are leaving tonight to drive the 8 hours home, but at least they can drive and take the ferry home)). (I have learned so much more of my European geography since living here :-)

We have been running late in the mornings around here, hopefully Brenna will get back on her schedule soon, but our late night out tonight didn't help (we went to dinner with one of Dustin's customer's from Brazil - very nice and he was great with kids :-) (added bonus - I didn't have to worry about supper here ;-)
I completed some sewing today :-) I am so glad to be able to have days where I can use my creativity, but I am so tired after all my going all day, lol! (seriously, I will probably be asleep before 9:30 here - boy am I pathetic!)
Well, that is about it for today! Take Care!!


mikaysmom said...

So I voted, and i'm amazed you are leaving your voting up until Saturday, I don't think I would have the patience. Thought about you when they were talking about the ash cloud in Iceland and the stopping of air travel until it clears, weird things happen in Europe I guess! Love your other blocks and glad you were able to spend time creating today too. Give that little peanut a hug from aunt naynay!