Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 21

so, I'm starting off today showing off my quilting that I have been working on lately :-) (although I do have to say I am wishing I could get another of these quilts finished soon - it makes me feel so much better to have some of these items finished :-)

The square below is for Brenna's I love you quilt - can't wait to see it finished - I think it will be adorable :-)
So, not many votes cast, but the winner was the apple in the middle :-) (that was my vote too as I knew I was going to be doing some other red ones in the quilt soon)
another of my blocks for the pinwheel quilt along (this is one of my extras)
I love these little owls - wish I had more of this fabric (then again, I always want more fabric...)
I love the blue and red together below - I wasn't sure when I cut them out, but all put together, I love it :-)
So, now for our walk this afternoon :-) I just had to get a picture finally of the "chicken truck" - I think Brenna can spot it from a mile away (and yes, that was our dinner today, lol) (most of the pictures were taken by Brenna while she was sitting in the stroller - but she was asleep when we passed the "chicken truck" (so that was by me) and the one picture of her today)

(above, we were on a hunt for flowers today, but I was impressed by her fun sidewalk pictures and feet pictures)


heathmamagam said...

So, we hope you will add the road/sidewalk pics to all the old cobblestone ones that are so authentic there. And, wow, you should be very proud of all the quilt blocks you have sewn!