Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday, July 26

Brenna with the cow at Lake Mummelsee. The new hotel at Lake Mummelsee. The hotel burned down before we moved over here and was rebuilt and finally up this year (I don't think there was much to look at as a hotel when my mom was here - but the hotel still looks nice now a year later).

A piece of Black Forest cake
The hotel sign (that I just thought was neat)
Another picture of the cow - what can I say, I liked him, lol

Brenna got a glass from her school group (hand painted). She is in the smurf group at school - isn't the glass adorable???

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are busy around here with getting ready for the move.... We spent a good portion of our weekend with packing and cleaning. Brenna enjoyed helping, but she is a little stressed with the idea of her stuff being packed up. (Brenna being the smart cookie that she is has said - "Mom, once our stuff leaves, we should leave too")
On Sunday, we went up to Lake Mummelsee. We had a nice stroll around the lake and Brenna enjoyed playing in the sand as well. The lake had a hotel that burned down before we moved over here and it is now completed and open.
Not too much else going on here - the computer leaves on Wednesday, so only a couple more posts available before we fly (which is in 11 more days!).
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

wow! didn't they have a plain old cow by the souvenir shop? seems like I remember being startled by a person in a green costume there! The hotel will make a big difference for them now. Brenna is right, you know...Hugs & kisses

mikaysmom said...

Beautiful there at the Lake Mummelsee, and the cow is cute, I can see why you liked him. The cake looks delicious...I chuckled at brenna's comment, I'm sure she has her thinking cap on, wondering when she will get all of her stuff back! I can't beleive only a few more posts and then the computer will be gone, and then you will be on your way! Told Mikayla on Friday only two more weeks! Love you!