Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, April 17

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone is doing great out there. We had a quiet day here today, it was somewhat rainy here today. Brenna and I made some white chocolate playdough this afternoon - she loved it - although very messy (got very sticky quickly when she played with it)!! At least it cleaned up easily.

I worked on uploading our trip pictures to shutterfly today - at least it is something you can start and step away from :-) Dustin said I should comment on the green apple juice in Venice. It was a little scary looking the first time, but it was green Granny Smith apple juice - it tasted pretty good and Brenna did like it. It was also amazing at the rest area in Italy that they had bottles of olive oil (like ketchup bottles in the US) to take to the tables (and they didn't have ketchup bottles!).

Tomorrow we celebrate Brenna's gotcha day... I'm going to let her decorate her own cake - can't wait to see the results on that one :-)

Well, take care!