Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, April 4

Take a picture of the animals, dad!

Hello All!!!

We had an enjoyable day at the zoo today. It seems that we have been enjoying the zoos over here more than in the US - not sure if it is Brenna's joy or the beautiful gardens that accompany the zoos we have been to :-) The weather was absolutely beautiful - perfect day for the zoo and the animals were all easy to find and see (great for Brenna). She loved the petting zoo part - she got to pet two miniature horses, but didn't get to feed them as the machine just took our money, but didn't give us any food... The flowers at the zoo were really pretty and we had to hold Brenna back from picking them all, lol. Brenna did not want her picture taken today - can you tell from all the side shots??? The pelicans were right on the walking path today - Brenna wanted to go right up to them and pet them. We weren't as sure about them - but our picture looks like we got plenty close :-)
Well, that is it for today :-)
Take Care!