Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 21

Hello All!!

We had another sun filled day here today (I know for anyone in the rain and cold how jealous you are!!). We took about an hour long walk this afternoon which was great since Dustin worked until after 8 - at least it made the afternoon not seem so long.

We had German class again this morning - it is going to seem weird to not have class on Thursday as usual...We have kinder group tomorrow so that should be fun for Brenna - hopefully I can get myself (and Brenna) moving on time (but not too early either - how do you find just the right balance??)... We went to the store twice today - it was a good time "killer" and being such a short walk - why not (although going when hungry didn't work out so great for my diet - especially since on the first trip we came home with cheese puffs!!).

I feel bad that there aren't any pictures so far this week, but I didn't want to put Brenna into picture overload (o.k., when isn't she on picture overload, but I thought a break might be good for both of us). Maybe tomorrow I will try to get some flower pictures for you all - they have some beautiful ones in the neighborhood right now... I wanted to get a picture of Brenna today in her overalls, but didn't push her on it, sorry (and she looked so cute too!!)

Well, that is it for today!
Take Care!