Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29

Hello All!!

Hope all is going well out there. We had a "fun" morning of chores and cleaning (I detest all the dog hair here - I have certainly asked myself why did I ever get a Golden Retriever - and then of course see how good he is with Brenna especially when she drags him all over the apartment...). Anyway, at least Brenna enjoys our cleaning - she loves helping with the dusting, sweeping (a.k.a - stealing my broom and taking back to her room), and especially cleaning the windows - that is her favorite. We also managed to get some laundry done (yeah- I'm finally caught up from our trip!)

Since I didn't post over the weekend, I forgot to put up that Dustin completed his first half-marathon over here. He ran the Heidelberg half-marathon on Sunday morning. I know that he was just glad to finish - he was very drained by the time he got home! Brenna and I had worked on laundry and scrapbooking on Sunday morning - it is amazing how far behind I am on that book! Where did my time go! She didn't quiet understand the difference between mommy's stickers and her stickers - who can blaim her (mine are pretty cool, lol)! Anyway, the Heidelberg race has a disclaimer on it that it is not a good race for beginners - the hills are especially brutal, but Dustin said the race was still packed - he had never seen so many runners (and the whole course had spectators).

I always feel bummed when I don't post a picture with my post - we will try to get something for tomorrow. Dustin has Friday off for a holiday - I'm really looking forward to the long weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice too :-) Dustin has to travel to England next week (bummer that he couldn't go after my mom was already here), but hopefully the days won't go to slow waiting for him to come home and my mom to get here.
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

It's amazing how fast the little ones grow! Good thing you have such a wonderful little helper there! I'm sure it makes cleaning that much more "fun". Can't wait to see all your finished projects when I get to see you in person. I'm sure scrapbooking while trying to keep a 2 1/2 yr old occupied was quite the feat! Miss you lots, and I'm sure the time will go by fast until mom gets over there!