Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April 8

Hello All!!!

Hope everyone out there had a great day today. Brenna and I had some fun with a lunch picnic in her room (she loved this and wanted to do supper there as well) and also colored some Easter eggs. Brenna thought the eggs were much too hot, so it wasn't as interesting to her as the set up, but oh well.

We leave for Venice on Friday (our trip will include Venice, Florence, and Pisa) - hopefully we will have a great time. They are calling for rain most of the days we are traveling, but what can you do. Hopefully, it won't be constant. At least I have most of the memory sticks for the cameras cleaned off. Just have one stick to do tomorrow and the packing...

Well, I am off to relax for the evening. Dustin is out playing volleyball with our landlord.
Take Care!