Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 16

I loved her face on some of these!!

One of the Italians gave Brenna some corn so that the birds would land on her hand - she had 3 at one time!! If you have seen Just Married - the birds at San Marco square are a little nuts - they aren't shy at all and don't move when you get close!!

Not sure if she was dancing or playing her air guitar!!

Some of my favorite shots from Venice - gotta love Gondola parking. It was interesting to see them sign them out in the morning as well!

I loved these glass animals - we didn't get one for Brenna, but I think I need to try to recreate these out of fondant or something for one of Brenna's cakes - maybe even for her Gotcha day this weekend.

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing well out there! Hopefully, you will enjoy some more of our trip pictures today.
So what else to say about our trip... The toilets in Italy really leave something to be desired - all public toilets (everywhere) do not have seats - yuck. We were really proud of Brenna and how she did with that. She did a really good job with the traveling and all the potties on the way :-) It was amazing how expensive the Murano glass was in Venice - good thing we didn't find anything that we had to come home with!!! The shops in Venice got to be a little overwhelming for Dustin. I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty items in the windows (and getting a few where they were affordable). Brenna even got a couple pretty necklaces as well :-) She loves to play princess with her new jewelry!! With Dustin running in Venice, he found a park that Brenna loved playing at. We had lunch afterward at a great little cafe - I loved the sandwich that I had - it was pretty easy to find sandwiches without cheese - the Italians love their olive oil and spices though :-) It was funny that one of the most expensive meals of our trip was at one of the rest areas between Venice and Florence!! We tried to eat at small cafes for our trip and we really enjoyed the casualness of that - especially with Brenna. The Italians (espcially in Venice) loved Brenna - she had lots of fun blowing kisses to the Gondola drivers :-)
Well, I think that covers most of our trip :-)
Take Care!