Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May 8

Hello All!!
Hope all is well out there. We are very excited to have my mom here - Brenna didn't want to let her go yesterday - latched on at the airport and wasn't ready to let go from her stroller or when it was nap time. She was very excited that we made a welcome sign before going to the airport and carried it in with her. My mom said the flight was good and pretty empty which I'm sure made traveling somewhat more comfortable - she had the window seat and the aisle seat so I'm sure that was nice :-)
We went out for a long walk yesterday - Brenna fell asleep in her stroller (which didn't make for a real happy camper the rest of the afternoon). We found some very pretty flowers at the park (someone else had already picked and left) - Brenna thought they were very neat :-) Dustin has a ton going on at work, so even though he is back from his travels, we haven't seen each other much - just the time in the car yesterday :-(
We are hoping to go to France tomorrow and Baden-Baden on Sunday - unfortunately, it is calling for rain all weekend. Brenna was very excited with the art project work my mom brought - they got into the water paints yesterday (and today too) and made necklaces this morning. Hopefully, the "girls" will let me get some pictures of there fun soon! We all did some yoga this morning - Brenna loved it :-) (although, her flexibility gives her an advantage with a lot of those movements - mom and I were lagging behind on some!)
Hope you enjoy our park flower pictures!
Take Care!