Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday, September 7

This slide was really fun in our town - they have very cool kid playgrounds here in Germany!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. We had a very nice weather day here today (although our only outings ended up being back and forth to Kindergarten and taking out the dog).
Anyway, we enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend with some other American friends this weekend. On Friday we went out to dinner at one of our favorite small town Biergartens (yum - leftovers for lunch today, lol). Brenna really enjoyed seeing our friends baby, Kora, and playing with some of the other German kids in the toy area. Brenna was much more interested in playing than eating at all! It was rainy all evening on Friday (of course it poured as Dustin went out to put the car seat in the car and when I headed out the door, lol) - but it has given me more chances to wear my stylish (and bright rain coat)! On Saturday - we needed to make it to France for some items at Cora so we planned lunch downtown with our friends again (which we both ended up being late for - thanks to Noah for standing in the rain to meet all us late people, lol!). It was very rainy - but my bright rain coat made it easy for us to find each other. Anyway - I feel like Joy wrote about our day much better - so I'm going to go ahead and put a link to her blog for today and you can see a picture of Dustin's lunch and Brenna in her Ohio State jersey (can you tell that Dustin dressed her, lol)!
We were very excited that Brenna actually did use the potty on our way out of town. We kept trying to bribe her and it finally paid off right before the car parking garage :-) I'm sure it will take quite a few more positive experiences to make up for the auto flush toilets in the US though - bummer!!
On Sunday, we had a quiet day and I worked on a few more quilt squares (although I really needed to clean and work on my German studying, but such is the life of a good procrastinator!). Dustin took Brenna on a run and I was able to take Justice for a nice long walk too! Late in the afternoon, we all went into town and Brenna was able to take Dustin down the "massive" slide above - I still think that slide is awesome. I was kind of bummed that Brenna only went down it once and with Dustin (giving me no excuse to ride down myself :-(, lol)
I tried to take some video, but forgot that with my camera you can't take video with the camera sideways (unless you want video that is sideways, lol)!
Well, I did have my first German class in a while - it is so hard to get back to conversing again! Hopefully, I won't quit working on it with only a month of classes remaining (at least ones paid for by my husband's company).
Happy belated birthday to my sister - I love ya girl! You are the best - can't wait until we are back together again :-)
Well, gotta go! Take Care!