Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 8

Hello All!!!

Hope all is going well out there. I had an exhausting day today, lol! Brenna did great at Kindergarten today - no tears today ;-) She stayed for 3 hours so I came back home and got busy on housework (yuck, yuck, yuck!!!). It is amazing how long it takes me to sweep and do laundry on a "daily" basis! I almost got all the needed cleaning done - but luckily I still had sinks to clean and dusting to do when Brenna got back home (why is this lucky you might ask - well, Brenna was very upset that I didn't "need" her assistance on cleaning the potty - go figure that is one of her favorite cleaning tasks with me!). Since we had no tears today, we stopped and got ice cream on our way home (nice day + walk by ice cream stand = expanding waist line, lol). Brenna has discovered that she prefers whatever ice cream cone I buy for myself - hmmm - maybe I should just buy the same one for both of us (Brenna had a very yummy snicker bar ice cream today).

Brenna helped me make Peanut butter and chocolate chip loaf bread today (a lot like a pound cake consistency). Good thing that Dustin likes it - I don't have to worry about it sticking around too long.

Well, I need to get busy with washing my dishes and studying (hah - the procrastinator thinks - there must be something better to do than that).

Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Just realized that I hadn't commented in a few days! BTW, I'm a little bummed that you didn't "Happy Birthday" to me on your blog on Sunday, but we did talk, so I'm over it!:o)
Take advantage of this cleaning helper stage. You know she'll grow out of it soon enough. I'm glad she had no tears today! I think Kayla Girl's mom needs to come see this snickers ice cream! take care!

DA&B said...

oops - guess I'm not back in the swing of blogging yet - I can't believe I forgot to put that up on the blog - hope you know that we thought of you all weekend though!