Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday, November 13

You really must compare the faces above and below - can you tell which one was taken after being woke up too soon!!

My new fabric - so sad that I am so in love with fabric - I think I hugged it yesterday, lol!!! I was sure excited that it came, lol!
Brenna pretending to be a cheerleader - this is her splits and then arm in the air (if you want to see where it came from, watch any of the newer episodes of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, lol). I wasn't really prepared for the picture opportunity - can you tell by my wonderful camera angle! You only get one shot with Brenna on these, lol!
Brenna decided we were done with our art project and she was cleaning up - gotta love that the Merry Christmas tree was the one that I could see :-)

Don't you love how covered our table is with our art project??? ME - we used all our stickers of letters! It was funny - Brenna kept asking for specific letters after I asked her for the M and C.
My first and second santa claus's below - can you tell Brenna didn't love my first one! She asked what he was and if he was a fairy! Guess it was a good thing I did better on the second one!!!

Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there! Things are good here - back to rainy weather after a break on Wednesday (I'm beginning to really think the rain is bothering my knee more and more - Wednesday it wasn't too bad, but yesterday and today I am feeling "old" with it!). Maybe we will finally get a break here soon :-) Dustin is in France right now and is supposed to come home late tonight (or really tomorrow morning really, really early). We are both missing him here, but I think we occupied our time pretty well yesterday. We did some dancing, watched parts of Singing in the Rain and White Christmas on youtube (Brenna actually laughed hysterically with the song Make 'Em Laugh - granted she hadn't napped and was tired - but it was really funny!), and did some coloring. Brenna hasn't napped the last two days - which isn't a big deal as she has slept well at night - but made for a somewhat grumpy girl on the lantern walk (she fell asleep about 3 minutes from the Kindergarten and then we woke her up and made her walk - what mean parents!!).

So, our lantern walk on Wednesday evening was nice - clear weather and chilly (it amazes me, but I think the Germans here are much more inclined to go out in any weather (and stay out in it) - for the lantern walk we were outside for about 30 minutes just standing after a 20 minute walk. It also made me think about the Carnival parades in Feb. or March and how you stand and watch for hours!). When we got to the church (Brenna's kindergarten is associated with the Catholic church here in town), they had firemen with big torches and a man on a horse dressed up as St. Martin - pretty cool for the young kids. They had some of the older kids do some songs and play music and then there were several readings and a play about St. Martin. It was cool, but a lot more people than we had last year (last year, we just had Brenna's play group - maybe 10 people at the most - this year there were probably 200 or more). They even closed the road for our walk and had the fire trucks follow us - it was amazing to see all the lanterns light up in the night, but I couldn't get any type of good pictures as it was way too dark.

My new fabric came from the US yesterday (it is my Christmas gift! - hmmm - does that mean I need to wait until when Dustin, Brenna, and I celebrate Christmas here to use it - I'm thinking not - bad me!!! but then I can wrap up the item I make out of it, lol!!). The fabric is to use in Brenna's room mostly when we get back to the US - although, I am really thinking about making her yoga bag out of the alphabet one - hmmm...going have to decide on that soon. I ordered some home dec weight fabric from here in Germany - it should be here today and then I can decide which fabric I want to use :-) At least I can wash and dry them (in the dryer) with out too much guilt as the landlord is away on a trip and the weather is so dreary that the dryer will really help :-)

I am so glad that it is Friday!!! Hope everyone was able to open our elfyourself video - it is really funny (sorry if you can't open it). Karen - Brenna says the same thing about watching the video - we have watched it a lot of times ourselves, lol!!!

Well, I better get moving - I need to get dressed for the day and then go wake up Brenna!!

Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Wow, Brenna has a Huge lantern! It looks like she is more interested in crafting today. Have fun Amanda, with all your new fabrics, we love to see your projects. Hugs to all...

mikaysmom said...

okay, her lantern looks as big as she is! Love the face on the first pic! I loved her showing me her yoga poses and her cheerleader moves, looks like she's seen enough cheerleader shows to know what she's doing! We are so bad and in love with fabric. I love to just touch it and think about what it could be made into! I guess the mailman came again to bring you gifts!!! LOL! take care!

DA&B said...

yeah - maybe you can talk your mailman into bringing you a pink yoga mat soon :-)