Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday, November 20

Yeah- Brenna's stocking is finally finished!!!! I think it is really cute!

Hello All!!!!

I'm going to try to get my post up early this morning (before Brenna wakes up). The weather is going to be nice here today, so hopefully, I can get Justice out on a nice walk and enjoy the weather with him today - I feel like I have been neglecting him lately with all of Dustin's travel and the crummy weather.

Yesterday, Brenna and I got the markers out to do her hand as a turkey (even though we don't have Thanksgiving, that is one thing that I want to do with her each year - I have them from last year too). Little did I suspect that she would use the markers to color all over her hands and arms - doesn't she look happy with her new art work, lol! Good thing we hadn't had her bath yet and it was already bath day - (and almost time for the bath, lol). I took some more video of her arms too (she wanted to be sure that Daddy saw her coloring too) - just have to share this one.

I have some other cute video of her dancing recently - I will have to get it all computer transferred soon - it is just on the camera right now (maybe I will just bring it back to the US to watch in a couple weeks). - o.k. late add, I did get one video up - I love this one because she takes and "makes" her audience during the video - sorry it is long, but it is funny if you can watch it!

Well, my time is up - I need to go wake up Brenna - yeah, last day of school this week :-) She woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon and asked if she was going to school "today" - um, no - she doesn't go in the afternoons, lol. She is right on the edge of not taking a nap every day, but I'm sure with the time change for her soon, she will be more messed up with sleep schedule (have I said how glad I am that this is our last time change back and forth until the final trip back to the US). We are going to mail her letter to Santa today :-)

I am coming up on my 300th post soon (I think I am 5 posts away - maybe I could do a Thanksgiving give-away, lol) - I am actually thinking of doing a give away of one of my new crafts - hmm, going to have to think about it!!

**I added two new pictures of Brenna's stocking today - just finished today (just in time to go to school next week :-) I think it turned out really cute (how could you go wrong with these embroideries and the fabric?? granted, my cuff needs work, but I still think it looks good).

Take Care!


The Bean's said...

OH.. I love the dancing! She is going to love you for those videos some day!!! I am glad my markers could be as assistance with the marker mess! Better her than Kora... hee hee

mikaysmom said...

Love the stocking, super cute! It looks very nice! I am getting ready to watch her videos but love the "artwork" all over her hands and arms. I hope that you have a good day!

mikaysmom said...

OMG, what a funny dancing video! I love it too how she creates her audience mid dance! Too cute!

heathmamagam said...

Yea, we viewed your fabulous videos! With Brenna's comfort with the camera, she should be in pictures! She reminds me of the Ellen show with dancing. Although Brenna looks so proud of her inky hands. Stocking looks Very Cute!