Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 9

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there :-) We had a rainy, dreary weather day here in Germany today. I kind of feel like I should have something special to say about being in Germany on the 20th anniversary of the wall coming down, but we stayed inside today - so we really could have been anywhere in the world today. Our trek outside for the dog walk was pretty miserable today - lucky for Brenna her stroller has a nice rain cover - she at least was not rained on with the cold rainy day. Brenna's Kindergarten is closed today and tomorrow - so at least with the poor weather we don't have to walk too far (seems like the nicest week of the Fall here - Brenna and I were sick - the rest of the Fall rain (I think that is pretty similar to last year too!)). We did some coloring and reading today as well as my "new" work out videos. Not sure if my knee is bothering me because of the weather or what, but I really hope it starts to feel better soon! I do not like feeling old already!

I bought some new velcro curlers tonight at the store (not sure why exactly - but I knew that Brenna would love them even if I don't use them in my hair, lol). We did have fun playing with them tonight - wish Brenna would have let me take a picture with them in her hair - it was too funny (sorry you missed it!).

Well, I think that about covers our uneventful day today! I hope our rain goes away soon - I am tired of wet dog paws and rain boots right now!
Take Care!