Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, November 11

Hello All!!!!

Hope all is well out there! Brenna is back in school today - she wasn't the happiest about it, but I am sure she is having a good day (her best friend was so excited to see her - I must write down her friend's name while I know it - Samira - it only took me 2 months to finally figure it out :-) We have our lantern walk this evening - I better put batteries in her "lantern" soon, lol.

We tried various craft projects when Brenna was home the last two days - I found she wants to be free to draw her own thing :-) (and she had no interest in the pretty dresses I printed to color on - check them out here for gift tags or haning paper ornaments - - she has recipe cards to print out there too that are really cute!). We are working on some letters - I have Brenna spelled out on my dresser right now - (we also have all the letters for Daddy, Mommy, and Justice) - but she only wants her name right now, lol.

I hadn't planned on Brenna being here when her new yoga mat came, but sure enough it came early yesterday morning (well, it was around 10, but with not having school, Brenna and I were pretty much still in our PJ's). At least it made it easy to get the new mat out and do our yoga afterwards. Can you tell from the pictures how excited she was :-) (of course, then I decided I need to have a yoga bag for her - the fabric to make one should be here on Friday - poor Dustin - but tell him it was on sale if you talk to him, lol!). Brenna loves that she has a pink mat now, and she thinks Daddy should get a yoga mat too now, lol! Maybe I can give him my blue one and get a purple or red one for myself next spring??? She is very funny with all the yoga - she knows downward facing dog and tree pose and she is doing those two all the time (although whenever I do downward facing dog, I am a bridge where she wants to play London bridges falling down, lol). She is also into watching the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on cmt (I know - bad, bad mom - but it seems fairly G rated) - she was so cute last night - she wants to do the kick line and the splits at the end! I think I'm going to have to get her into dance when we get back to the US - it seems to be her favorite thing. Not sure why she had the hat on - I think she was pretending to take her animals for a walk with her stroller (got to love the tank top!). Anyway, I will have to try to get some more video of her doing her yoga or dance - it is great! (I wonder how many 3 year olds out there are as excited about a yoga mat as she is!)
Well, I think that is about it for today! Dustin is supposed to come home early today, but then he is off to Paris tomorrow morning early :-( Our apartment should be very quiet as the landlord said he was going on a trip too!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

How great is that for Brenna, that she loves to do yoga! It should prove to be a great asset for her in days ahead. I recall wonderful memories of my yoga time with 2 of my girls. Have a great day, love and hugs..

mikaysmom said...

Too funny! I can't believe you let her watch the cheerleader show! What are you teaching her??? lOL! Too funny, you are now entering the age where things need to be her way so let her have some freedom! Maybe I need to take my own advice! I love the fact that you guys spend that time together doing yoga and it's so fun to watch her do tree and downward facing dog! too cute!

mikaysmom said...

Oh and I love her outfit! the hat just tops it off perfectly!