Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, November 30

So, I know I mentioned it when we mailed Brenna's letter to Santa - guess what? she already has a letter back from Santa - how cool is that!!! I love the envelope (it was almost too pretty to open, lol)! (Sorry, I played with the smudge feature in Photoshop - not really looking to share my address here!)

Brenna's ornaments that she decorated - aren't they cute!!!

Some of our Christmas decorations - I love the color of these glass balls! I think they would look so cool with a Browns theme or something for Dustin!
One of our souveniors from Prague Christmas market - I think they are really cute and Brenna loves them too!
Our little Christmas tree - it is about 7 inches tall!

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I had a "fun" day of cleaning and washing the dog today! (see all the smiles here, lol :-)

So, I'm going to post pics from our trip soon - Dustin is out of town until Wednesday and Brenna has the sniffles (she stayed home with me today), so no promises that I will get a post up tomorrow. Our drives went well for our trip (we left on Friday morning for Prague (about a 6 hour drive) and got to our destination around 3:30 pm, then on Saturday we left Prague and drove to Dresden (about 2 hours), and then on Sunday we drove home from Dresden (about a 6 hour drive) and arrived home about 9:15 pm). Brenna did great on the trip and is now a Pez addict (hint - if anyone wants to make her day for Christmas - Pez and a new Pez dispenser would bring a smile to her face, lol :-) - also jewelry - the girl is a very girly, girl, lol).

So about our trip, we arrived in Prague on Friday about 3:30 - our hotel was called the Prague Castle Hotel - it was right in the middle of everything which was so nice :-) Way to go Dustin on picking a great location :-) (and Brenna loved that she had her own twin size bed to sleep in - she slept great with it, I was paranoid that she was going to fall out and bump her head, lol). Anyway, we took a walk into the old town after we arrived and picked a place at random to eat supper - wouldn't you know that we would pick Pizza in Prague! Our only meal to eat something authentic, and we pick Pizza, lol!!! (we needed to get something quick for our little trouper, and the restraunt/bar did a great job with that - and the food was pretty good!). After dinner, we went back for an early evening (since Brenna did not nap) and woke up early for our next day in Prague. We walked down early for the Christmas market and enjoyed walking around there and buying a few of our suveniors there. (We missed one of the other Christmas markets - oh, well (I think that was probably good for Dustin and our wallet!)). We went up to the top of the clock tower in the old town - Brenna scared herself when she was playing with the machine that mashes the money into pictures, but Dustin handled it well with her and recovered for the rest of the day (go figure, she wasn't concerned about how high up she was, only that the machine scared her!). We then took a tour around the city to see the old town, the Jewish Getto, Charles Bridge, and the Castle. Our guide was from Prague and very knowledgeable about all the history there (which we knew nothing about). So, I learned alot about Prague and the people there (Dustin, not as much as he herded Brenna around quite a bit). After our tour, we left to go to Dresden (it is amazing that by 4 pm it is dark now!). We arrived in Dresden tired after all our walking around from Prague, so we just crashed in the hotel for the night. The next morning, we went to several of the Dresden Christmas markets. I think the Dresden Christmas markets are my favorite so far as they have some themed ones that makes the markets at least a little different then all the ones we went to last year. Brenna really enjoyed the Medivial Christmas market, and loved that Daddy got in the wheel to make the Merry-Go-Round go (more about that in the next post, and some pics too, lol). After our full day in Dresden, we had a long day in the car, and then we were glad to be home! As I said before, Brenna did great!

Today, I have had a full day of cleaning (including washing the smelly dog) - at least our apartment will be clean for Dustin for a couple days after we leave next week. Well, I better go wake up Brenna - she has napped for quiet a while today - catching up from the weekend I am sure. (just have to share the dog washing story from today - I cleared out the bathroom as I knew that Justice was bound to make it a wet mess (so fun, clean the bathroom from the chimney sweep, wash the dog, clean the bathroom from the wet dog). I put everything in our bedroom and shut the door. Well, the dog did great with the bath and then shook water everywhere in the bathroom as expected. Of course, with a 3 year old, I didn't get a chance to really contain the dog to one room and had water trailed from the bathroom to the living room. Of course, I needed another towel, so I opened our bedroom door for about 5 seconds and Justice bolted in there from the living room to shake even more - (do you think he was getting even with me). I even said after I kicked him back out that I think he did that on purpose, lol!)
I thought I would share Christmas pictures today - maybe get people in the mood for Christmas - plus, I think Brenna's letter to santa and his response is too cute not to share (doesn't she have great writing and spelling already)!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Glad you had a great time in Prague and Dresden, your little santas are so cute. Thanks for sharing your adventures, love to you all.

mikaysmom said...

LOL about the dog washing. Hope you have a more calm day tomorrow! Loved all your christmas pics, your tree is very tiny but super cute! Love ya!