Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 23

I really debated if I should put the top picture up - these are gifts for two of my nieces (shhhh, lol). But, I just had to see if any of my other Ohio State fans email me and ask for one too, lol! How did I do on them? I think my design (yes, this is my drawn design for embroidery!) looks pretty good!!! Below is my other weekend project - recipe card holders (or passport holders as my practice one turned into!)

hmmm - wonder who wanted an alphabet one???
Hello All!!!
Hope is well out there. I had a very busy weekend of crafting here (o.k. - I realized how far behind I am on getting things done if I want them done before Christmas (or before I leave for the US in 2 weeks!!)). Dustin made it home safe and sound from his travels, although he was very tired. Brenna, of course, couldn't wait to see him and in her excitement woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning. Brenna and I bargained that we wouldn't wake Daddy up until the sun was up - at least she didn't notice it was daylight until about 8:15 (Dustin wanted to sleep later of course, but what can you really do with a small apartment and a 3 year old who can't wait to see Daddy??? - my suggestion wasn't well received of "if you wanted to sleep in, you should have stayed at a hotel" - can you tell how pleasant I was after waking up at 5:30)?? We did our normal errands on Saturday morning and then I worked on my crafts in the afternoon. The weather was nice, so I did get Justice out for some walks, but the weather this week won't be as nice (Brenna and I even took him for a walk on Friday afternoon :-).

I tried to work mainly on the gift for the teachers at Brenna's school, but I was distracted with doing some felt ornament embroideries - didn't they all come out cute??? I am debating about the purple one above for the teacher gift - I am thinking about doing another one (which means I probably will) - at least I did already cut out extra fabric to do one (or two). These recipe holders turned out pretty cute - I hope her teachers like them. (Can you tell which owl I thought was the best one, lol - she seems to be every where in the above pictures!)
Well, Brenna will be waking up from her nap shortly!
Take Care!
PS - I just had to share the conversation Brenna and I had on the way home from school today:
Mommy - "I am so hungry I could eat a horse"
Brenna - "Mommy, horses are not for eating - they are for the circus"
Mommy - "O.k., can I eat an elephant than??"
Brenna - "No, mommy - they are for the circus too. You need to eat food, like peanut butter, chicken nuggets, or fries"
(Gee, I have a healthy eater right now don't I - guess I know what she will want from McDonald's if we make it there when we are home at Christmas, lol!).


heathmamagam said...

Way to go, Brenna, you know what real food is! All the owl projects are just adorable, anyone would be special to get any of these! So pleased you can design on the program for embroidery!

mikaysmom said...

Okay, Bad sister, I asked for a post then was too busy yesterday to comment, but I should never be too busy for you! Love all your little owl friends and think everything turned out really cute! Can't wait to make some more things with your owls! Love your conversation with Brenna, how fun it is to hear how they think!!! Love you!