Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday, July 28 - the movers come today

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! The movers come today to pack up the majority of our stuff today - we will be down to 3 suitcases, the dog crate, and our backpacks. Just a little stressed here - went to bed at midnight, tossed and turned all night and was up at 5:15 - yuck. Hopefully, I will get some good sleep tonight! Still things to do here this morning, but we got a lot done yesterday (Dustin and I were both beat by the end of the day...). The computer will be packed too - so, no more email, posts, or skype until we are back in the US :o(

We are all going to miss our little town in Germany - we all have very fond memories of living here. But, it is on to the next adventure in our lives (and hey, with all my stuff, it will be great to have some space to spread out in). Brenna has 2 days left of Kindergarten here - I must remember to try to take my camera with me tomorrow for the last day of Kindergarten (another really cool thing about living in Germany - her Kindergarten was really awesome)... I have a really great book for Brenna of our town - hopefully we can keep her memory alive of our time here with all our pictures. We will miss the stores, people, and scenery. (And hey, now that we are past the heat wave, we will miss the mild temperatures that are found here - much more comfortable to be out year round here!). There is so much to miss here, but lots to look forward to with moving back to the US and being close to families and friends again :-)

We also emptied Brenna's piggy bank yesterday - she had around 45 Euro in her bank (not including other coins that Dustin has collected in his travels). She was funny as she was only interested in the 1 and 2 cent coins (although she still had about 3 Euro worth of those). We took her out shopping with the money and she bought a new game, a new necklace, a new coloring book, and a new Ariel doll :-) (too bad the Ariel doll and coloring book are the only two items that will still be here tomorrow)...

Well, that is it for now - off to finish in the kitchen!

Take Care!!


heathmamagam said...

I have been so pleased that you were placed in such a warm and friendly German town. It was a positive experience for your family, and you have made life-long friends there. (Your families here can't wait to have you back home)!

The Bean's said...

I am so happy and so sad for you all at the same time! I hope you have a great flight back home and everything went great with the movers today!