Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday, May 28

Brenna trying to see if she can look like a fly above (I think, who knows what she was really thinking) and a pirate below!

Above picture is Brenna's facial expression when we were discussing making FROSTING - can you tell she loves it!
Brenna getting ready to go shopping above in her new shorts - love the turtle pocket embroideries :-)

Justice in on the crown action (why does his look more like a poker hat??)
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there! Can you tell that I have a princess on my hands?? We are baking some cakes to enjoy for my birthday this weekend today - can you believe that I will be 30 on Saturday (don't I look too young to be 30, lol!). (Our house is smelling great today with that - mom made apple crisp this morning too - yummy, yummy (or from Brenna - lecker, lecker - same thing except for her only stuff with sugar is lecker, lecker)).
We celebrated the snail release with an ice cream party after Brenna's nap yesterday - I don't think she is really evening missing the guys (although, she does look at the picture of her snails and knows which one she called Slimmey!). Brenna picked up a dog bone for Justice today - hopefully it will help with his breath (although when he pretty much swallows it whole, how will it help his breath - isn't the point to chew it...)
Well, I think that about covers our tales from the last day, lol! Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

The pockets are sooo cute on the back of her shorts. Looks like you've been able to use your fabric to the max here! I assume it's cooled down since she had sleeves on and long pants. Justice does seem to look like he's playing poker or some other vegas dealer maybe??? Oh well, I hope to get to talk to you on your birthday! Enjoy your baking!