Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1

Our June cake with all the extra frosting from my birthday :-) - I played with my frosting tips for the first time and got to use my new birthday plates :-) Isn't that cake fun (and silly!)

Brenna and I couldn't wait to dig into the cake and ice cream - our photographers couldn't catch us in time before the picture, lol!

Brenna loving the squirrel in Triberg (where the highest waterfall in Germany is - also not far from the world's biggest cuckoo clock)

Brenna and mom decorating my birthday cake (we made two different ones - both were very tasty, but not quiet perfect - oh well!)
Hello All!!

Hope all is well out there :-) I had a great 30th birthday - how did that go by so quickly?? We had a few friends over for cake and ice cream (I should have invited more with all my cake and ice cream, but was afraid the apartment would be much too small). It was very nice to spend time with new friends over here (and they all brought wonderful gifts - very thoughtful of everyone!).
On Saturday, we drove to Freiburg on Saturday and then through the Black Forest. We all loved the very busy farmer's market in Freiburg - it was packed!! We couldn't believe that it is open Tuesday thru Saturday - great place to find fresh food and we enjoyed our sausage lunch there :-) We then drove to Triberg in the heart of the Black Forest (and major Cuckoo clock country!). We walked up to the highest waterfall and then around town. Brenna loved seeing all the clocks, but was getting tired by the end of the day (and all the time in the car).
Sunday, we went to the Karlsruhe zoo. We rode the train up and back - it was a great experience for Brenna and my mom. On the way to the zoo, we were on a newer train that had two levels - it was great but very full (we couldn't sit all together, but at least mom and Dustin could sit together). It was great weather for the zoo and we enjoyed strolling along with our German friends from over here and their 8 month old daughter :-) Brenna loves all the animals, but she wasn't to happy that one of the pelicans tried to eat her cup (I have to agree with Dustin that they were pretty scary - good thing a zookeeper was their to get it back!). Luckily we had a bag to put it in - nasty stuff inside that birds mouth, lol!! I think mom really enjoyed the rose garden - it was beautiful. The flowers are just at the prime right now and the weather was enjoyable to walk around the whole zoo - not too hot or cool. After seeing all of the animals, we took their boat ride around the park at the end - it was a great way to see their massive fish (kind of like carp in the US) and all the birds (who are always looking for a handout!). Brenna fell asleep on the 20 minute train ride home - but was really happy with her day at the zoo (and the playground there - which I'm going to say once again is just huge). The playground and sand was very messy on Sunday - someone turned the water on - luckily Dustin was a good dad and kept Brenna out of the worst of it (most parents just stripped the kids down and then took them home to hose off - what a mess! did I ever mention the aversion I have to a sandy mess - i think it started after college and dorm life with a sand volleyball court out back).
We've had a quiet day here at home today - Justice has been enjoying all his morning walks - he has grown to expect them from me (he likes to lead me in the direction that we walk every time I walk I'm taking him in some other directions lately). We made the small cakelette today for the June family birthdays today - use up some more frosting before Dustin just eats it plain!
Well, I think that is about it (sorry we haven't posted for several days - I couldn't decide what pictures to post from each day after we waited so long, lol).
Take Care!