Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 21

Brenna and I doing yoga - she had a great time entertaining my sister and her husband with her yoga skills!!! Can you see that we were both trying to reach our toes below - I have a lot harder time with it than Brenna, lol!!!
Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there. Things are going well here - keeping very busy over the last few days. We went out for errands on Saturday (not sure why it seems like they took all day???) - and hooray - Brenna used one of the public potties along the way (of course we had to bribe her - but hey, success is success in my book :-) (it was our hope to be out long enough for her to need to use one of the public restrooms - we had originally planned a long road trip on Sunday, but we have postponed that for the moment - anyway, we are working to get her over her fear of public restrooms - so our weekend was successful in that respect - I love German restrooms :-), lol). We had planned a trip to Switzerland for Sunday, but we didn't make it (it was my fault - I was too worried the weather was going to be lousy and who wants to drive 3 + hours for 40 degree F weather and rain...) - we ended up going to Heidelberg instead. Our trip to Heidelberg was good though as it got us all out of the house, but not too far away (in case Brenna had any accidents). We managed to get Brenna on the potty twice (again with bribery...) - needless to say I was very excited (so sad that this is what is exciting in my days sometimes...)!

Brenna had a good day at school today - good weather again too so I made our daily stop by the ice cream shop (although I only got a cone for Brenna :-) I hope that will always be a fun memory in my mind is our time with walks and the ice cream shop :-)
Brenna loved doing yoga with me this weekend - she is a great helper, loves to get the mat out and then direct us!! She had her camera out and got some fun pictures during this time (I uploaded them to the computer today - what a fun time to look at the world according to Brenna - I promise my next post will have at least one of her pics!), so I of course got my camera out, lol. Brenna loves the self-timer option on the camera - boy did I get some funny ones this time, but I'm only sharing the best ones of both of us here!!
Well, that is it for today - Dustin isn't feeling well :-( He flies off to England tomorrow and won't be back until late on Wednesday. Hopefully, he will feel better by then!
Take Care!


mikaysmom said...

Two smart girls here! Yoga and walking and Ice Cream! I'm glad that some of your best times are playing and being with your little girl. Brenna is such a smart and precious little peanut! I love watching her do yoga and I'm going to try the new "dog" pose everyday!!!LOL! Hoping the weather gets a little more comfy-too early for 40 degrees!