Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30

Hello All!!!

Hope all is well out there! I can't believe that today is the last day of September - where did the month go??? We have had really nice weather here (although it really is getting a little dry - I can't believe how many days in a row we have had without rain, lol!!) (but it is still damp enough that the laundry takes 2 days to dry, ugh...). I wasn't feeling like myself yesterday afternoon and Brenna didn't nap - so it wasn't a great afternoon here!! I thought it would be fun when Brenna didn't nap to do some scrapbooking for her - not a great idea with a somewhat tired child...I did get done what I had hoped to, but we were both grouchy with each other at the end - bummer!!! I heard Brenna giving her stuffed animals time outs today (I am pretty sure that is the result of the 2 time outs she had yesterday...some days I wonder if it is my grouchy days that has more time outs or if it really is her pushing her boundaries with me??).

Every day on the way home from kindergarten, I have Brenna walk and we sing silly songs together. Her favorite right now is the bumble bee song from Dustin's mom (although we have modified it to be "bringing home a baby Brenna bee..." - she loves it and requests it daily, lol). I am going to have to really start learning some new songs - it is a fun way to walk home every day!

I worked on finishing some luggage tags today for one of our friends over here. I was really happy with the way they turned out - hopefully she (and the kids receiving them) will be too! I made one for Dustin (belated birthday gift from Brenna - it even has her picture on it) and one for Brenna. They both have glow in the dark thread decorations - Brenna loves that right now and had to show Daddy how they worked when he got home today. Only one more to make and then on to the next project - not quite ready to go back to my quilt yet - I think I will be making some shirts and an apron next :-)
I am down to German class just once a week. It is bittersweet as I am now looking forward to having more of my own time, but sad that I really won't learn as much of the language as I had hoped...
I found a website that publishes blogs into books - I can't wait to put that together :-) I did a digital one and now have a pdf "book" of all our posts together (and it is backed up on CD and our external hard drive).
Well, I think that is it for today. Tomorrow will be a busy baking day with our American friends. I think I will have to take my camera and get some pics from that, lol!
Take Care!


heathmamagam said...

Super job on the luggage tags! I think they would make a so..o neat addition to any bag! and don't eat too many cookies, ha!

mikaysmom said...

The luggage tags are super cute. We'll have to start calling you Martha or Gammy Janice pretty soon! LOL! Got some stuff to do other than sewing these days so I'll have to make some of these things further down the road. I'm so jealous!!!! I am sure your American friends will be so pleased and the kids receiving them, how lucky! Missing you like crazy! Enjoy your baking day, sounds like a bunch of fun!

The Bean's said...

WE LOVE THE Luggae tags... and I am sure the kids will love them too..!!! Thanks for all your work with them and for all the cookie help. We sure had a great time!! We will miss you guys!